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Today I will play with you a memory game in which you will understand how you use your brain correctly, and how much you use your brain, the game is very simple I will write 10 (ten) different words, you need to read it carefully and You have to remember it, if you are ready, let's begin 3 ... 2 ... 1 start ...

  • Pencil
  • Seal
  • Rainbow
  • Carpet
  • Apple
  • cock
  • Planet
  • Magazine
  • Gold
  • Clock

Now stop reading Article and try to remember, how many words do you remember from 10 (ten) Done?

Okay ... if you are an average person like me, you will remember 5 to 7 words, and it will be difficult to remember in the correct order. When I tried this, I could remember only 5 words. Now, this is little weird, because we all know that our brain is capable of storing a large amount of data, so this, in fact, the study says, that our brain can store data up to 2.5 petabytes (approx).

To let you know, 1 petabyte is equivalent to 1024 terabytes, and 1 terabyte is equivalent to 1024 gigabytes, which we call GB as an abbreviated form, to be more precise, on the amount of data of 2.5 petabytes, Example: if you start looking a video that is 2.5 petabytes of data & amp; of the quality of television and if you watch the video constantly, it will still take 300 years to see the full video, this is the capacity of our brain, and why it is so, we can not remember words, numbers or simple paragraphs. our brain can not memorize it easily, or after some time we quickly forget what we had remembered as a reason for this, mainly the techniques & amp; ways we use to remember things, are not appropriate or correct. Most people try to remember things by storing or memorizing it repeatedly, but the reality is that our brain is not made to remember things that way, after some time we quickly forgot what we had remembered.

Dominic or Brien has become champion of world memory eight (8) times, not because he was born smart, or was very intelligent, in fact, he was a weak student and also a child with dyslexia. He still became the champion of memory because he knew the techniques and proper ways to remember things and proper ways to use his brain. Now, I will tell you some of the principles, with the help of which even all of you can remember things easily and correctly, just like Dominic or like any other memory world champion.

Principle NO. 1 Imagination

William James said in his book, that imagination and memory are strongly connected to each other. For example, if I ask you to share some of your old and beautiful memories with me, you will begin to IMAGINE that experience in your brain, and then you can tell me the experience easily if you can easily remember those memories.

In other words,

Things that you can easily imagine, you are more likely to remember, when I ask everyone to remember those ten (10) words, like me, most people do not remember it correctly and those who remembered it will not be able to do so. to keep it for a long time, because we have not connected those words with the imagination. That is, when I said the word Apple, then I should have imagined and visualized, that is holding a big red apple, which tastes very good and has a good fragrance. After imagining something like that, there would have been a greater possibility of remembering the word Apple, here if you have noticed, I have used many human senses in the imagination like, how I was looking for the apple, its color, its smell, etc. I did it because, including the senses, it makes the work more memorable.

Principle No. 2 Association

Here Association means connection between two things; we are more likely to remember things that are connected to each other, for example, we hear and see something, so we begin to remember things related to it, because our brain remembers things easily when it has a connection between them or an association, but when we can not see the connection between two things, then we find it difficult to remember, again, the same example when I told you those ten words, they were all different, that is why you find it difficult to remember, but if you would have said the words that have a connection to each other, then you should have remembered it easily, as if you had said pencil, then eraser, pencil sharpener, etc., then you should remember these words easily, because most people can see the connection and the link, easily between these words, so if We want to remember different things, then we must use our imagination and we need to create an imagination between them.

Now, using these two principles, a technique is formed that is known as the method of history using this technique, we can increase our memory capabilities, to understand this in a practical way, we will play a word game again, but this time we will not remember it normally, but we will make it a history and we will see what different results we get, you can try this, just follow my words and imagine it correctly in your mind, 3 ... 2 ... 1.principle let's start


Imagine going somewhere riding a light green bicycle and feeling the fresh air while pedaling, feeling very relaxed because this cycle is very comfortable and smooth.


While you are cycling, you feel hungry, so you stop near the store and buy your favorite chocolate and start eating.


While you eat the chocolate, suddenly you hear something when you listen to it. Sincerely, you understand that it is the sound of the guitar, you find the sound so relaxing that you start to follow it.


When you get close to the guitarist, you see that he is the soldier, tall and muscular, he is looking at you with a smiling face.


You see an old suitcase near the leg of the soldiers in which people are giving money.


Then a woman comes, finds the talent of such an attractive soldier, who puts a brilliant diamond necklace in her suitcase.


When she starts walking, suddenly a soccer ball hits her.


And when you see where the football comes from, you discovered that, from a short distance, some children played, you understand that it must be their football.


When you start looking carefully, among them you see a child who looks different from the other children's reason, he wears a white mask on his face that looks attractive to you, so you start walking towards that child.


You see something red in the white mask as you walk closer, the fragrance of the rose begins to come from the reason, in the children the rose of the mask was mounted.


When you reach almost that child, you see that the child has stapled the mask.


Then, the child suddenly starts to run towards the road full of vehicles.


While running, suddenly the tomato falls under his feet due to which he loses his balance and falls to the ground.


After he falls, he looks up at the sky, he sees a great fire rocket going towards the sky.


Then, suddenly the rocket explodes, with the huge sound and with different colors Happy Diwali appears in the sky.


Now stop reading the article and see how many words you remember. to remember every word, you need to recreate the whole story in your mind this time, I have not told you 10 words, instead, I have said 14 words, now if you have all imagined the story correctly, then you would have remembered all 14 words, also in the correct order Discuss your scores of both times, this story was my imagination, so there is a possibility that maybe you all have not memorized it correctly or easily, if you make a story according to your imagination, then this technique will work a lot better, you can Make the story the way you want. Just try to use different senses, use your imagination and try to maintain a logical association between them. this was the only technique the memory champion uses if you want to learn other techniques too, let me know in the comments section.

This technique that I have shared with all of you comes from the book "You can have an incredible memory"of Dominic or Brien.

This book contains many other techniques that can help you increase your memory capabilities.If this technique is useful, share your scores and points of view Into A Comment Section.Support my website by sharing this article with your friends and family.

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