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WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM: Book Summary By Steven Johnson

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In 1854, cholera disease spread in England's Soho, Because many people died, Nobody was getting the reason behind this disease, And why are all being affected by this, All the authorities thought that maybe the reason behind the disease was in the air, Because England was facing the problem of polluted air, But in the Terrible Atmosphere, suddenly, a visionary doctor John Snow arrives as a savior of lives, Who begins to do the Investigation in depth with all your efforts, And make a map, On this map he marks the facts, the reason and the location of the people who were being affected by the cholera and where it started, And who died for that, While working on the map, Doctor Snow realizes, That the data I had collected and marked on the map, indicates towards a single point, i: e The water pump, That it was located in the middle of Soho, After this, he understands that cholera disease is spreading not through polluted air, But because of the contaminated water, After which He takes Immediate action, And show all your research and ideas to the Authority and ask them to stop the water supply, After which Everything begins to change, And people start to purify the water, and the world realizes the disease and its investigation, And many people were saved from life.

Author Considerable time in his career, hit by the history of cholera, Which has inspired him a lot, this story taught him a lot, And after doing an investigation in this story, he came to know many facts, of what most people do not know, Most people were thinking, that John came to know the reason behind the cholera disease, suddenly while making a map, But the reality was that John already had some intuition about the reason for the illness.

In fact, 6 years before the emergence of the cholera situation in Soho, John was already working on the theoretical part, And the map he had made was only for a test, to be able to show it to the authority, and you can prove your theory and you can convince them, Although doing research on cholera was not his job, I was doing it as a hobby and as a parallel project, And also to break your boring work pattern.

And one important thing that John has not done the research. Without help, But with the help of Henry Whitehead, who was the local vicar, Meaning Priest of the Church, Henry was not from the field of science, But still, He was the important part of the investigation, Therefore, Henry was very different from John's Thought, This helped a lot in doing an investigation, And Henry has contacts from normal people and he knows the people around him very well, Due to which, both easily track the different cases and the collected data and form the final map. This was the main reason to convince the authority and prove his theory.

The author shares different points with this story and the other research, Made by him in different fields such as History, Biology, By following it, we can even create great ideas.

Point No.1) Liquid network

If I ask you, how do you feel where the best ideas come from? Like any specific place, Then most people will say: It can come from the research laboratory where the experiments are carried out or something like this, But the author says: The maximum ideas do not come, when you sit down and do the experiment alone, But it occurs when a group of people sits down and discusses ideas, Where thoughts are exchanged with the free and fresh mind, In places like cafeteria, cafeteria, etc.

In England, innovation and ideas were at their peak, when people started drinking coffee instead of alcohol They started going to the coffee shops, And that's why they used to share their Ideas and Thoughts, with different people from different fields, In the same way, we even have to create a group or a network in which we can even share and create our thoughts and ideas, And it will be great if we maintain our Diversity Network, what it means with different people in different fields, to whom we can talk and have a discussion, This will help us understand and know the different perspectives, What can help us make our simple idea bigger by improvising it.

The best ideas in the world are not formed or created by individual research, But it took place, with the help of the different ideas of the people and connecting everyone together and modifying it, In the same way, even all of you make a group where everyone can discuss and share and create ideas and thoughts, instead of doing not so useful conversation and gossip Remember;

Small mind Discuss people, Normal mind Discuss events, And Great Mind Discuss Ideas by Eleanor Roosevelt,

When you talk about your ideas, it will bring you more new ideas, And when you discuss and share your thoughts, that simple idea will be much better.

Point No.2) Break the pattern

When a person follows the same routine every day, Then Brain can not think of new ideas or thoughts, Because the brain does not feel the need for that, But when a person breaks the routine pattern and does something new, Like going to new places, meeting new people or doing something new that is not usual, Then the brain starts to work differently, What increases the possibilities of new ideas and thoughts, Therefore, have some chaos in your life, It will help you come up with new ideas and thoughts.

Point No.3) Ideas usually evolve over time as slow strokes

Most people think that, generally, great ideas suddenly arise with a Eureka moment, It means that suddenly things happen and everything falls into place and the person has an incredible idea, that all together change their lives and everything, In general this does not happen, Because most ideas come in a slow process, it takes a lot of time and form in hunches.

Tim Berners has Read Book that had inspired him a lot, after which he worked and did a lot of research on the subject for almost 20 years, And then the World Wide Web appeared, which uses the idea on the Internet and became a reality. We all use it and even now we are using it, Similarly, there are many examples of Great Ideas, which I have shared in my light-start article, Ideas that developed slowly and formed in hunches and finally became the best ideas in the world.

So, do not expect that suddenly a great idea comes to mind that will turn you into a successful person, Instead, perform an action with your simple idea and over time your simple idea will be improvised and developed. Or during a process You will come up with a new or better idea, which will make you a success.

I have shared this knowledge with all of you from the book where good ideas come from By Steven Johnson's,  If you want to understand these ideas in more detail, As exactly how ideas are formed and created, then you can buy this book by clicking on this green link.

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