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THINKING FAST AND SLOW: Book Summary By Daniel Kahneman

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I'm going to ask you a simple question and you should answer it and the question is ... Suppose there is a bat and a ball that cost 110 rupees. and if the price of the bat is 100 rupees more than the ball. How much is the cost of the ball? And if you are an average person like me, then the answer that comes to your mind will be 10 rupees. Which is absolutely wrong Because the correct answer is 5 rupees.

Think a little more, I said that the price of the bat is 100 Rupees MORE than a Ball. then for 100 rupees, the price of the ball should be 5 rupees and the price of the bat will be 105 rupees If you think a little more, you will understand it clearly. For the previous example, the immediate response of Rupees 10 arises from our SYSTEM 1 THOUGHT.

You must not have noticed, But our brain works TWO ways o You can say it has TWO SYSTEMS Of which all our thinking depends or, in short, our whole life depends on it.

SYSTEM 1 is Fast and Automatic, which is mostly incorrect, illogical and irrational. Under his influence, most of the time we make wrong decisions.

And on the other side is SYSTEM 2, which is slow, rational and logical They think slowly and help us make the right decision,


If I ask you how much is 16 * 12, To give an answer, you will use your system 2. You must think about it, He needs to work hard and finally he will give a correct answer.

Now the important question arises, If SYSTEM 1 is so irrational and unreliable, even why we make maximum use of it without controlling it. This happens because for us, for humans, saving our lives has always been the most important thing And SYSTEM 1 has always been useful to save our lives.


If suddenly your house starts to shake or move, then using the SYSTEM 2 Thinking and then analyzing. Why do we see ourselves really shaking? What is the reason behind this? Thinking about all this will not be a good idea at that time. On the other hand, just moving out of the house with the whole family will be the real solution and it will be the best idea. Because maybe the real reason may be the earthquake, it could have taken your life. From there, getting the quick response through the brain is very useful and this quick response from SYSTEM 1 has always been useful. 1000 years ago when humans did not have much knowledge, they still survived with the help of System 1, they were saved from many dangerous situations and also save yourself from many small, stupid things.

A more important reason why we make the most of SYSTEM 1. It is: you must be aware that our brain consumes a lot of energy in fact of our entire body The brain only takes 20 percent of the energy. Then, think for each small thing and to understand each information and knowledge that we receive from several sources, if for all this we use our system 2 Much of our energy and time will be used. The brain does not like to use its energy, it tries to save the greatest amount of energy. Because before there was a shortage of energy means food. Therefore, the brain has to save a lot of energy.

However, in today's life, food is not the problem for most people. But even the brain does not know it and tries to save its energy Therefore, we make the maximum use of our SYSTEM 1, which puts us in problems and problems many times. The question I asked at the beginning was the small example. The truth is that we make use of system 1 in most of the important decisions of our life and that decision goes wrong Instead, we must use system 2.

Therefore, today I will share some points that will help you to use your system 2 ... So let's start.

Priming No.1

If I talk about bathing and bathing and then I ask you to keep an alphabet missing from SO_P. Then you will write 'A' and the word soap will be formed. But if I had asked you about the food and the restaurant and then I told you that you fill the void, then there would be more chances that you write the alphabet 'U' Then the word Soup would have a form, Now, this is known as PRIMING.

You can manipulate the decisions of people just doing Priming.


There was a wine shop, which used to play German music for a few days. and for a few days they use it to play French music. And, obviously, nobody should worry about what music plays in the background. But it was not like that. The results were different, the days when French music was played People use to buy more French vine And the days when German music is used to play, people use to buy more German vines.

Again, this shows how priming can change your decision without knowing it. You can use this point in a way like. Every morning think something positive, do something positive or see or read something positive. To give yourself the first one and spend all day positively Avoid negative news and negative information videos Use positive words and spend time with positive people, I will make a FACEBOOK group within this week. i will share the facebook page link very soon.

No.2) Science of availability

John had to travel from one city to another through Airplane, Two days before the trip, when you turn on the news channel, he got a plane crash news And the most important thing that caught his attention was, the plane that crashed is from the same route and from the same company, For which John was going to go. Knowing About the Shock John is scared, Therefore, he had to go to the other country, so he decides instead of going by plane, He will travel by road with a car. Even if it takes a little more time.

So, what do you feel, John Decision was right? No, it was not like that. Because if we see this incident statistically. The fact says that the chances of death of a person in a car accident are 1 in 6700, which is much more than the plane crash.

In fact, you will not believe that the probability of death is more when falling from the stairs or falling from the bed, In fact, the chances of dying are more in the computer game than in the plane crash. The chances of dying playing computer games are 1 in 100 million, While the chances of death by plane crash are 2 in 3 billion. So you think that playing is safer or traveling by plane?

If the chances of dying from a plane crash are lower, then why are we scared? The answer for this is availability of means and science. We found that very important, that we got to know and remember. Especially news, and the means that it shows us of those we come to know are frightened and remain engraved in our mind and we remember it. But the sad part is that the media does not show us, That the way a person died because of heart disease due to having unhealthy foods more often. Because this will not give them much TRP, up to 100 people died in the plane crash news they will give.

I'm not saying that those 100 lives were not important, But you know? What are the main reasons that cause many deaths? And what things do you have to worry about? More than 56 million people died in 2015, of which 15 million people died only from ischemic heart disease and stroke. Go and look for the top 10 reasons for death, then you will come to know. You will come to know that most of the reasons behind the death are unhealthy diets, not being in shape, having stress, due to air pollution, etc. And these are the reasons why we should worry, but the media will not show because you will find news of more interesting plane crashes Instead of knowing, how to eat sweets will cause problems for you and your family life.

And another reason, not to show such news can be NON-PROFIT FOR them and for companies. Therefore, I will request not to get influence blindly through the media. Do your own research and then you will discover the many strange truths about the world that will surely help you.

No.3) Retrospective bias

Let's suppose that one day you make a plan with your friends for an outing or to go shopping. That's when your friend did not feel like going out and he's not very interested, he makes an excuse When saying Forget about today, we go some other day, I do not feel well today, maybe it can also rain, etc. But all of you did not listen to him and they took him by force with you. Now everyone enjoys them, but suddenly it started raining a lot. all the fun of enjoyment is spoiled. And then your friend says: look, I told you it will rain, I knew it, but nobody believed me, But at that moment you abuse it or you will remain silent.

But here the question arises: Are your sixth senses really so powerful and extraordinary? But obviously not. Because if the rain had not happened, he would not have said a word, but it started raining, so he thought he already knew it would rain. In the same way, even you must have heard this statement "I ALREADY KNEW IT" I knew that India was going to lose, I knew that the stock market price would go up ... etc. No, they did not know anything, if they knew that they should be very rich or they should be very learned, which is not true. And this feeling of knowing what comes after the actual result is known as Hindsight Bias.

Nobody knows what will happen next, but after the result arrives, the person thinks that he already knew it. And this feeling can create a big mess in the lives of people and between people.


Many times people think that they have already realized and that the opposite person can be so stupid that they did not know it. This is absolutely wrong. Understand, after the result you may feel that you already know and yet others should have understood it too, But that is not the fact. You did not know it and even others did not know it. Therefore, handle the result with maturity.

I shared this knowledge of an incredible book "THINKING FAST AND SLOW". The author of this book is a Noble Price winner who shared many of his incredible research. What you should read to be smarter and better to make decisions.

If you want to learn all about this book in detail, then you can Buy this book by simply clicking on this green link.

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