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You all must have heard about the Leonardo Da Vinci But still why he is so famous even today?most of the Asians Must not be aware of it. Even I wasn't aware of it. Hence at First, I want to tell you all, why Leonardo is considered as one of the Greatest person in the world. and Why People (others) call him one of the Finest Genius?

Leonardo Da Vinci was An Inventor, Painter Sculptor, architect, scientist, mathematician, engineer, writer If still, you are finding it less, then let's add more skills He was good in other fields as well, he was good in Anatomy Geology, Literature Botany, Astronomy, Cartography, and history Nowadays so many subjects all together is not available in colleges Leonardo was the master in all those subjects at the time when the internet wasn't available and getting information regarding anything was very difficult Not Only this But he was also Known as Father of Architecture Paleontology and iconology. If we talk about the core talent, He is still one of the nest painter, whose painting MonaLisa has been considered the most famous painting And his The Last Soupier Painting is most Recreated Painting If we talk about inventions, he got many credits for inventions like Parachute, helicopter, tank Expandable ladder and for many more inventions. For now, Giving a sweet End to Leonardo's talent He was Ambidextrous, means he was able to write by using both his hands.

Similarly, many more interesting things Leonardo has done in his life. Because of which many Historians and others used to call him A Universal Genius. Now, why I am Telling you all this. Because the summary I am going to give you all today That Book Name is THINK LIKE DA VINCI, Seriously it's an Amazing book, to increase your intelligence, brain power and knowledge Hence I would suggest you all read this book at least once. If you want to purchase this book, then you just click this green color link.

Now let's start today's book summary...

Think Like Da Vinci, Author was a huge fan of two people since childhood, was a Superman fan and fan of the Leonardo da Vinci. when he Grew up, he came to know that Superman wasn't real But Leonardo was in Real, and his Achievements was also real, after understanding and realizing this fact, he became an even bigger fan of Leonardo. After which when he got the opportunity, he studied about Leonardo for many years. He read almost every book of Leonardo Did a lot of research about him from various sources after so much of hard work and persistence, he finally got 7 principles. which Leonardo used to Follow in his life And because of which he had become a big genius. Even if we follow those Principle's, not like him maybe, but yes we can become a genius.

So now I will share those 7 principle's with you all, However Da Vinci was an Italian, Hence Author has given those principles an Italian Name, The way Vinci used to Pronounce them, so let's Begin...

No.1) Kriositah means Curiosity

The author says hardly anyone would be as curious as Da Vinci, he was a very curious person. He wanted to know about each and everything, he was always ready and very curious to learn new things And hence it was the main reason for him to invent such useful things and achieve a lot in his life.

An example related to this, World's biggest hacker, would be a person who has a lot of curiosity related to hacking, who used to find out all the answers related to hacking used to do a lot of research about hacking by reading different blogs by watching different videos related to hacking etc that curious person would be the biggest hacker not the person who gets the passion for learning hacking one sudden day and goes the next day, that kind of person can never be the biggest hacker.

The more you have a curiosity related to any field, the more chances you will have to become master in it hence try to ask yourself as many questions as you can and try to find out its answer, If you want to start a business then as many thoughts ideas questions arise in your mind write it down and start finding its answers, do maintain a book or a journal and write on it daily, almost every genius maintain their book or a special journal, in which they write whatever they learn in their life. about their ideas, thoughts plans and many specific things which help them to achieve their goals, Da Vinci also maintained such books in which he used to write every day and even I follow this Hence even you maintain a book or a journal by this, your curiosity level will increase and you will complete the first level to become a genius.

No.2) Deimos strat sione means Demonstration

Whenever Da Vinci used to Learn Anything New, he never used to forget that just by listening or reading it But instead, he used to test it by himself he used to experience it by taking actions.


In the Previous Point, I have said about to maintain a notebook or a journal, Because it will be very helpful for us to achieve our goals and to become intelligent But many of you'll have listened to it, and even had understood it but very few would have maintained a journal and started writing on it. very few have thought to experience it by themselves. and to be very honest, this few people would have the capabilities to become  a genius and to achieve their goals.

In simple Terms, having practical Experience is much more important and beneficial than theory and those who do things practically will become more genius. No matter how good things I explain and teach you about communication, If you do not apply that knowledge practically and do not experience it by yourself, Your communication skill will never improve and you will not be able to become master in that field.

No.3) Cin Satsione means Sensations

Da Vinci Used to use his 6 senses very nicely, properly and at most of his time.


Suppose there is a tree in front of Da Vinci At which he is looking, he never sees the tree as it is a normal natural tree which is woody He used to watch it very attentively, and use to notice each and every small thing about the tree, that how that tree has big fat roots with the help of which tree is standing and how interesting is the shape of the tree, how its branches have come out from the ground and how there are different  branches which has different color leaves and how it has some different flowers on it. etc

Meaning he used to look at things in detail, used his eye sense to look things in detail. hence it was the reason he uses to understand things in so detail Hence even you should make use of your senses in detail not only related to eyes. If you are listening to something, listen attentively If you are listening to music, do try to understand its pattern, listen to it attentively if you are holding something try to feel it if you are breathing try to enjoy the fragrance and natural beauty of oxygen around you Don't only eat full your stomach instead feel the taste identify different taste This thing in modern term is also known as MINDFULNESS And it will for sure help you, to increase your focus Intelligence and to make you a genius hence try to use your senses as much as possible.

No.4) Sfumato means Comfort with Paradox

This is one of my favorite Principle, So do Understand it Properly example;

Suppose I say to a man that killing any person is not right and it shouldn't be done by anyone and on the other side, I meet another man and tell him that taking somebodies life isn't bad so if the third person is listening to me and is of normal mentality and heard me both the time. will immediately start judging me, he will say this person is so bad talks rubbish, double standard man etc However if that person would be of genius mentality, then he wouldn't have judged me so quickly. he would try to understand both the situation if he wouldn't have understood the situation, then he would have asked me after asking me he would have understood why I said that killing someone is not right because at that time I was talking to a bad person (criminal) so I was telling him not to kill any innocent maybe in future he could commit such crime and in the next statement, I was with a soldier where I was saying killing or giving hang till death punishment to any criminal Rapist, terrorist, the murderer can be a good example for others so after knowing the fact that genius mentality person understands that I was talking exact opposite and both were right in their places which Normal Personality person Couldn't understand.

To most of the people, if I say two different statements, which is getting opposite from each other, they will get confused and will say that I am wrong and select any one option which is proper according to them. But genius people are not like this, They try to understand both things which seems to be opposite of each other. and they do not take the immediate decision they try to get and search more information about it.

Now in short to apply this 4 principle, do not jump to the conclusion immediately try to understand things in different ways and in different perspectives by doing this you will have a better understanding of this world and life and your wisdom and knowledge will also increase as compared to a normal person which eventually will make you a genius person.

No.5) Arrtey Shenza Meaning Art and Science

Da Vinci used to give Equal Importance to both, science as well as art. But Today normal people thinking has changed Nowadays people give more importance to science, for them science is everything. and according to them Art us Waste and a useless thing.

For example,

Most of the parent wants their child to study in a science field, if not science at least commerce but ARTS No ways, which isn't right, Well will discuss this topic later And For today's topic, if you want to become a genius Then do give equal importance and value to both the fields Because if you want to get the best result in any field, You need both science as well as art

For example,

The reason you are able to read my articles at home or at the workplace through mobile, It's because of Science No doubt, But the reason you find it attractive and interesting and you don't get bored reading it Then credit for this goes to Art.

Doing Animation is an Art Explaining anything in an interesting way is an art making videos and using creativity is an Art No matter how good things you create but without using art, nobody would like it, Because whether we say it or not, But we humans like beautiful interesting things, And Art is the biggest reason for converting boring not so interesting thing into beautiful and interesting. Nowadays if you see The person who is achieving a lot in his life and getting the best result of his work Is because they are using science and Art Together and very nicely Hence even you start improving Your creativity Because it is very important to become a genius.

No.6) Corpora Lita meaning Body and mind

If I ask you to imagine a person who is genius, So in your brain A Nerd kind of personal image will appear. Who wears Spectacles, who is thin, and looks little weird, something like this Well Today media shows geniuses like this only, Whereas world's some very intelligent and genius people including Leonardo Da Vinci was physically fit Attractive and Was Strong. In Fact, Da Vinci was so strong That he used to Turn The horseshoe and door knocker made of iron with his hands, He used to walk a lot, he was a good swimmer, used to do horse riding and also used to exercise And he used to care a lot about physical fitness Because he knew, the more we will be fit and strong physically the more we can increase our mental power.

Da Vinci was well informed about what our Brain and body are connected to each other and for proper blood supply and to make our brain work at its best, physically strong health is must require Even science agree to this, Hence, if you want to become a genius do give extra care to your health. And to care about health, it doesn't mean to do the only exercise But the Truth is to live a healthy life for a longer time, Diet is more important than an Exercise Da Vinci used to follow this as well and even you need to give extra care related to this.

No.7) Connessione - cornett one Meaning everything is connected to everything

Genius People has one more special thing, they see connection and pattern in a different field and things And also use it by understanding it Even Da Vinci has a believe that yes everything is connected to each other.

An example related to this,

When I was doing a research related to this video I saw a video where google x innovation head was explaining how our heart is connected to the collision of two galaxies And how that thing is connected to our heartbeats, how our breath is connected to blue-green Algae, which has come to this world for 3 billion years and was explaining many more mind-blowing things in that video.

Now From this principle, we can learn two things :-

  • First, try to find out the connection between a different thing and in different concepts.
  • Second, Do remember that you are very important,You can impact a lot to the world and to the entire universe and if you don't believe me for this, or think it's a huge statement then do read the concept named Butterfly effectYou will understand my statement and will believe it too.

See You are connected to your family and friends They are connected to this society this society is connected to the city, state to the country and to the whole world and this world is connected to the entire universe so do realize if you start bringing positive change inside you, to yourself which will make you a better person and will make your life happy and better so this thing slowly and gradually will positively impact the world Do remember everything is connected to each other.

Through my Website, I am trying to make our life better, By learning useful things, and can apply it in our life's to make our life better Because this is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for others and to this world.

Now To END this knowledge I have shared From the book Think like Da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb and its an amazing book for intelligence and creativity If you want to buy this book, then you simply click this green color link.

At lastly do like the article if you find this knowledge useful, comment your views and opinion about these principles, do share this article with your friends and family, and finally thanks for reading...

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