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Suppose there are two men Tom and Kevin, both do not know each other but still, the police arrested them both for two crimes for the little crime, the police have evidence but for the other great crime that may or may not be committed by them the police have no proof of that, therefore, the police locked them both inside two different jail rooms where you can not talk and then the police gave them an offer The first police went to Tom and told him that if he confessed Kevin's crime then we will let you go free and we will not file any case against you and Kevin will be imprisoned for 3 years But if you say quietly and if Kevin confessed to you, then he will be released and you (tom) will be imprisoned for 3 years after saying this, that inspector leaves the jail room of the tom and he said the same to Kevin.

Now, both Tom and Kevin know that the police do not have any evidence against them therefore, if they are silent and do not say anything, both will be punished for 1 year but if both confess to each other then both will be imprisoned for two years.

When you think about all this, you come to know that there are possibilities of 4 results first, if they remain silent, they will be punished for 2 years and if both confessed against each other, they will be imprisoned for 2 years, which means a total of 4 years but the problem is if a person does not take the name of another person and if another person takes the name of the first person then the person who will remain silent will receive 3 years of punishment and he who will get rid or confess will be released and will happily leave This problem is known as PRISONERS DILEMMA.

Now it becomes difficult for a person to decide who should do in such situations if they had the opportunity to talk to each other to discuss or see each other then there would not be much problem however, the opposite person is not reliable and your future depends on your decision you have no idea what another person will do, whether they say your name or not Therefore, even for you, decision making becomes difficult.


Now think of an atom or suppose it is a tom and if you (tom) take the name Kevin then Tom would be released and he could happily live his life with his family and Kevin will be imprisoned for 3 years but if Kevin takes his name he has the high chances then both will be imprisoned for 2 years
therefore, Tom will not be imprisoned for 3 years alone and a similar selfish thought will surely emerge in Kevin's mind both will think that cheating and taking the name of another person will be the best option but this kind of thinking is not the best option,
                                                                                              Why if they have such a selfish thought, both will be imprisoned for 2 years, which means a total of 4 years but if they thought to remain silent or if they would not have such a selfish thought, then both will be punished for 1 year means a total of 2 years, which is the best result compared to any option and if we think of a group, this is the best option, however, they will think for themselves not by group, therefore, due to their selfish decision, they will not only ruin the performance of the group but they will suffer more.

If they had been silent, they would have been punished only for 1 year but nevertheless, both will surely think of themselves therefore, instead of 1, they will be punished for 2 years that is the problem double both for group and for them.

However, this is a fictional story, but many times that situation also occurs in real life where people only think of themselves so they not only believe they lose for others but for themselves.
                                                                                                                                        Whereas people who take nice approach who always helps other, always move ahead in life.

Staying selfish and not thinking about others this is not at all a good strategy for success This is scientifically proven.


The scientist stimulates a similar prisoner dilemma situation in a computer as a game. so you can discover what is the best thing to do in such situations if continuously that situation is presented one after another he stimulates or fits different strategies under the computer strategies such as betraying or cheating or twice trap to cooperate for the only time he stimulated such different types of strategies under the computer as a result of which the best strategy that gave the best result in the game that strategy was an eye for an eye strategy which means that always cooperate at the start suppose, as in the previous example, to remain silent for the first time and then it means the next time make the same decision as the opposite person If the opposite person remains silent for the first time, then even you should shut up and if the other person says: then even you should say next time, therefore, this is the strategy of tit by tat and this strategy was the best strategy among the other good / bad strategies.

In fact, 15 strategies were used within the computer game among which 8 strategies were good strategies means a good type of approach strategies and the remaining 7 strategies were bad strategies means bad strategies of people They always take advantage of other types of strategies.

Now, again, this experiment showed that being good is good or saying the best that usually gives the best result means to forgive people Never be jealous of others and always be happy for others Keeping that nice nature inside of you is the best and also beneficial for you On the other hand, if you keep the nature of bad people like those who always take advantage of others and if you use fraud strategies, then maybe you will get benefits for a short time, but in the long term, the results will be bad.
       Being a good person is not only important for success but also for survival and you can find it or notice it in nature too.


Whenever the flycatcher sees a predator that flycatcher never runs or flies from there, instead the flycatcher starts screaming begins to give the strong signal to other flytraps due to which for a while the life of the flycatcher is in danger, but due to that signal all flycatchers become careful and all together they attack the predator and save everyone's life, if some dolphin gets hurt, then other dolphins together take the wounded dolphin out of the water so he can breathe, similarly when a group of vampires go out to look for food among them, only a few get food and others do not in this situation, few who receive food mean that the blood shares their food with other bats so that in their need they can get food from other bats therefore, with this kind of cooperative attitude or helping attitude they live a long life because if they do not, then it is estimated that 4 out of 5 bats will die early.
         On the other hand, if the bat becomes selfish and even after receiving blood, do not share it with others then even they will not receive help at the time of their need and therefore, this selfish nature takes away their lives easily this example shows that we must remain in harmony and we must always cooperate to survive, otherwise, it is possible for our nation and our humanity to weaken and break easily Today many people are developing hatred within us for political reasons and for their selfish genes so you can benefit them, but you do not understand by doing this, you can get the benefit for short term but in the long term, sure a great loss for us and for them and this will become the biggest reason for us to stay behind therefore, always be kind, not selfish help each other The attitude helps people grow and move forward in life and you should even have this attitude.

Now we are going to discuss this topic according to the different perspective There is a famous saying "NICE GUYS FINISH LAST" which means that good people are left behind and even here in our country many begin to believe it that it is true that being good or good is not good and, in general, nobody likes good people or girls do not find attractive good guys or nice and others do not find nice people, etc., but the real fact is all this kind of thinking is just a myth or is wrong, The problem of nice people is not that they are good or good, but the real problem is Friendly people are usually shy or can say that they have low self-esteem they usually do not have good communication skills so others do not find them attractive.
                                                                 While bad guys who have bad strategies can say that they usually have a lot of confidence they know how to talk or how to communicate therefore, never think that being nice is not something nice instead, work on your communication and confidence skills and sure people will admire it and like to compare it with bad people They will surely respect you and also help you and I also find you trustworthy, in general, people trust good people, not bad people.

The research has been carried out in more than 100 people who volunteered to help others, these volunteers almost spending 100 hours helping others, means 2 hours each week in that investigation, they were asked few questions How to help others, will you feel good physically and mentally? for this, almost everyone said yes, they felt incredibly relaxed and energetic, Then, the second question was asked: did they feel good in helping others? for this 96 percent, people said yes, they felt really good :), Then the third question was asked: did your stress diminish by helping others? for which 77% of people said yes, their level of stress decreased not only this by doing this, they formed deep friendships He made good relationships, looking at the hard life of others, they felt how blessed they are They were grateful to God and were amazed in various ways.

Stephen P, Who is a Ph.D. He says if you create a capsule in which you put all the feelings that people generate after helping others being kind and after creating such capsules if you sell them to others, then you can become a billionaire in a day but the best thing is that for such feelings you do not need to buy a capsule, you just need to have a disinterested nature you just need to be a good person and you must help others Therefore, always stay together and connected to the unit this will certainly help in the long-term And never be influenced by bad people and never develop hatred within us because of bad people.

Now To End This knowledge I have shared of The book The selfish gene of Richard Dawkins, If you want to buy this book, click on this green button link.

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