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No matter How Good You are or How Good Human Being You are, If You Jump From The Building's Terrace, Then you will fall on the Ground. You will not Fly In the Air. Because it is Law of Gravity which is Universal. Similarly, There are Many such Laws, on the basis of which Entire Universe is Working. Now Most of The Laws Which You are learning Since your childhood. You know it well and also tries to follow it properly. But there are some Laws which Everybody Doesn't Believe and Behind them, there are many controversies and hidden Secrets. Amongst many secret Laws, the biggest law about which I am going to talk today is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

However Thousands of years ago Few people were using this law secretly, But From the 20th Century This Law started Spreading and by 2006 this law has become popular. After the Release of an Article "THE SECRET". above which, in 2007 book was written with the same name. And Today I will share the summary of that Book.so let's begin...

All the people in this world who has achieved something in their Lives or become successful, All these things become possible because of Law of Attraction. Whether they are aware of it or not.

Again I will explain you with the first Example, It does not matter whether you know about the law of gravity because it will work for you and for everyone alway.
                                                                                                   Similarly, Law of Attraction is also a kind of law which works for us always, on which our entire reality and achievements depend. Meaning, in simple words by using this law you can improve your health, wealth, happiness etc.

Many Impactful Personalities Like Newton, Edison, Shakespeare, Da Vinci etc they all knew about The Law of Attraction. And they also used it, with the help of it they had achieved so much in their lives. Similarly, If you want to Improve your health, wealth etc then you should know about Law of Attraction and how to use it.


Before Using this Law, You must know, what exactly the law of attraction is.

In Simple Words, Law of Attraction is and says, Whatever You imagine in your Mind, You can Experience it in your Reality. Meaning If you think GOOD, You will attract positive things and positive people around you and good things will happen to you, But if you think bad or negative, then you will attract negativity around you and everything wrong will happen to you.

In fact Now as well,Whatever Things you have,Whatever is happening in your life is because of your Thought Process. Good Thought and Thinking Attracts positivity and good things around You, And Bad Thoughts Attracts Negativity and bad things. This is Know as Law of Attraction.

How Does It Work?

Now if you are thinking, that how this can be possible. So Its Reason Authors tells, That in this world Everything has its own Frequency, Like Car has a Frequency, or stone or a bottle everything has its own Frequency, which is the fact. And hence the Different thoughts which arise in our mind has its Frequency, every thought has its frequency, Now if you think, Your brain as a tower which keeps on leaving Frequency, so what happens is. That Your thought's Frequency goes out in the world and then when there is a second similar frequency from that Frequency, Then it gets attracted towards it, And comes into your Life, in different ways and things, This is how the law of Attraction works.


Now the Problem is, Most of the People Instead of thinking about what they want in their life. They Think what they Don't want in their life. Because of which what happens is, Law of attraction starts working. The more you think about something the more you get that. This how the law works,


Suppose there is a man who wants to wake up Early in the morning because he has to attend a very important meeting. But while going to sleep instead of thinking I should wake up early, He thinks I shouldn't be late for the meeting, Thinking this way, what happens is, even going to bed Early he couldn't sleep all night. and later Alarm doesn't work, he gets a lot of Traffic than the usual while going to the office. and finally, he gets late. This is the actual problem of most of the people, they always think from a bad side or from a negative perspective, Instead of thinking they want to grow rich, they think they don't want to be poor, Instead of thinking they want a good partner, they think hope I don't get a bad partner etc. And what happens is their Fear becomes their Truth.(reality.

Hence to make the law of attraction work, always think positive and Think what you want in your life instead of thinking what you don't want.

Step No.1 is ASK.

Forgetting something, First, you must ask for it with all your heart. you should decide what exactly you want, just ask yourself, be clear in your thought. what exactly you want in your ideal life. while doing this, don't put a limit on your mind, just think with an open mind with all your imagination.


I want a big house, i want a sports car etc. And think about all those things which you want as much as possible.

Step No.2) Believe.

And the second step is whatever things you have asked for in your life and what all things you had clear in step 1, JUST BELIEVE ON IT. That Yes 100 PERCENT I Will Get what I want. And you will achieve it for sure.


Suppose if you buy something from online, after placing the order, you know and believe that it will come for sure. you just wait for it to come. Similarly here also think and believe that you will get those things which you want and what all things you had clear in step 1.

Step No.3 Receive.

After Following the first Two steps, Now think that you have got those things already and you are very happy. After getting all the things which you wanted, the kind of feeling you will have, try to feel that way. Think that you already bought that house, and think that you are inside the house and relaxing on your couch. you should feel all this.

These are the Three steps Process to follow and to use the Law of Attraction properly. and one more important thing, you also need to take an ACTION Along with it. You will get the opportunities by following these steps, But you will get the actual Results only by Taking The Action.The action is important, If you are thinking that you will get everything just by sitting and doing nothing then IT'S NOT POSSIBLE.


Many Successful  People Supports Law of Attraction and even today many famous personalities use it. But if you are like some scientist who is not sure or skeptical related to this topic. Then Keep One thing Clear, that these things which I have said like, Always fill your mind with positivity, always have positive thoughts and always Trust yourself and always feel good. Doing all this will not harm for sure and it will benefit you. So there is no Harm in following it. so go for it.

Now To End, I have shared this knowledge from the Secret book,

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