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Julien was a very successful Lawyer who had earned a lot of fame and money in his life, He used to fight big cases in the defense of Rich people. Because of which his name always gets Published in the newspapers. He had a Big Mansion, Ferrari car, and a private plane, and had every materialistic thing which you can think of. But still after achieving Everything in his life, He wasn't Satisfied, Craze of money, fame, and work has increased so much in him. That he used to work for hours a day, and most of the time, he doesn't even take a break, nor go for any holiday. Because of all these Reasons, His personal life Got Ruined, His marriage was broken, got divorced with his wife, He has no communication with his family. And He began to look like 80 at the age of 53.

One day when he was fighting a case in the Courtroom,.suddenly he got a Heart attack. and he fell down, after which he was taken to the hospital and DOCTORS Warned hi. You have to choose Either a Job or you Life, Listening to Doctors he was in a deep shock and started thinking. Because even after fighting and winning big cases huge cases he was losing his own life battle, He started realizing his Mistakes. And then he took the biggest decision of his life, which has put everyone in the shock. He sold Everything, whatever he had earned so far, And went on a Trip without Informing anyone, To find answers to some of his questions.

This Trip was Towards Mystical Land India.He wanted to go to the Himalaya Mountain. because through a Source, Julien came to know that he will get the answers to all his questions Through some specific Indian Monk. Who live more than 100 Years, that too with a Young man's energy, and whose knowledge and understanding come in the world's highest level of wisdom. They have a system that can take the Quality of any life up to their Highest Level. But the problem was, Nobody knew where Exactly these Monks Live. But the only thing he knew was, They live far from the outer world.near the mountains, Hence Julien put everything at stake, and move out for their search. For many days he doesn't get success, he couldn't find anyone. But Finally One day after a lot of hard work and struggle he found out one monk from those special monks. Who then takes Julien Along with him to their Hidden Village(secret place)where they all live. After reaching That secret place, he meets the Leader of that village and requests him to teach him the precious knowledge and wisdom. which they are learning and applying for thousands of years so that even he can spend his life at the highest level. After watching Julien Desire of learning,Monk leader agrees to Teach him their special knowledge and wisdom,
                       At first, he keeps Julien as a guest in his village, Later one day suddenly Monk leader called Julian and placed a Condition in front of him. He takes A Pledge From Julian, That what I am going to Teach You.After Learning Those things and after changing your life, Don't keep that knowledge with you. Pass that knowledge to at least one person who is in need of it, Julian Immediately agrees, after which Monk start teaching this to Julian.

Imagine as if you are sitting in a big garden, which is absolutely green, full of greenery and very beautiful, which has different flowers and plants, whose Fragrance is very pleasing and good, this is making you feel really very good. Now looking around, You see a big light in the middle of the are looking at the lighthouse, when suddenly you hear a loud voice. Hearing a sound, you see a 9-foot sumo wrestler coming out of the door of the lighthouse, and starts walking in the garden, Now the wrestlers look weird and strange to you Because he only wore the nappy tied with the red wire and nothing else. While walking He(wrestler)sees Golden stopwatch, which seems too old. Now he moves towards that watch to pick it up, But then his foot slips and he falls down badly.after falling it seems that he has died. Because He does not make any noise nor do any movement. But then he gets the Fragrance of a Flower, he immediately gets up after smelling it, after getting up when he looks at his left side, He sees a path that has many(lakhs, thousands of) Diamonds around it, He feels very happy to see all this. He feels very happy to see all this and starts walking to such a place from the path where all happiness is there.
                                                          Julian find this story very weird, He said to the mentor(monk), I am really very sorry but what does this weird story mean, I haven't understood, is this a joke. Monk Replied, No it's Not a joke, I was thinking, how I can teach you the wisdom which we had learned in years, In lesser time and easily and I thought of this method. This isn't a Normal story, In this Story 7 Biggest Principles of Living life are Hidden. Then that monk Hs explained those 7 principles to Julian nicely and properly which I will explain you in my own words. So let's Begin...

No.1)The Garden.

The story started with a Garden full of Greenery, This Garden Symbolises Our Brain. Our brain is like a Garden, If you Sow good and Great seeds to it, You will find a lot of fruits and flowers growing u. Which will make you feel Good and Happy, But if you leave I like that or keep garbage and poisonous things in it, Then that Garden will Become a Disease House. Which will affect you and do nothing Good?

Similarly, even If you Fill Your mind with Good thoughts with Positivity and with Good stuff. Like Kindness, affection, Respect, Empathy, love for others, This thing will Not only keep others happy but as well as you and will help you to move ahead in life, But if you fill your mind with full of negativity and with negative thinking about others, like Rudeness, anger, Hatred for each other. This thing will not affect others will make your life worst, it will make you An unhappy person and will never make you move ahead in life. so many problems can arise through negativity, so try to avoid it. Avoid sharing negative stuff, don't get involved in negative talks, and don't think negative.

No.2)The Light House.

Later in The story, Light House Arises. Light House Symbolises OUR Life Purpose, Motive our Goals, As light House Helps the Ships To reach their Right Destination in the Right Direction. Similarly, Even humans To move Forward in life in the right direction will require Goals passion and a motive. No matter How Good a person Is in Playing ARCHERY, if he blindfolded his eyes and ask to move the target, and hence he doesn't know where the target i. And then try to hit the target, There will be very less possibility or a chance that he will hit the target.

Similarly, Even if we don't know what exactly our target is, our passion and goals are, hence will be very less chance of us getting success or achieving something huge in life. Nor we will be a happy person. Hence, Find out Your Life Purpose, Your Goals and then Put your entire focus on that target,
The more focused you will be on that target; the more the chance will be that you will hit that target. From which you will get the highest level of happiness and success.

No.3) Sumo Wrestler.

In the story The Third Important part which arises was Sumo Wrestler, Sumo Wrestler Symbolises Kaizen. Kaizen Is a Japanese Philosophy, Which means Continues Learning and Improving Yourself. Meaning to always learn new things and always try to improve yourself. The way Sumo Wrestler always maintain disciplined with a Continuous Efforts, Similarly Even We have to remove some time from our Entire Day, To perform activities which will Improve our brain and body.

Now many people couldn't remove time to improve themselves because they are very busy. So for them, the example would be a person who is not willing to go to the petrol pump which is nearby, because he is busy driving a car. and have no time to fill the car tank, Even Though he knows that Gasoline Can End At any time. Hence don't take stupid decisions just for the short term Benefits. Remove Time from your busy Schedule to Improve Yourself, Improve mentally and physically. So that can reach your destination happily without any halt(interruption).

No.4) Wire Cable.

In the story, 4th important Element which arises is Wire cable.Which is a small thing, But Sumo Self Respect Depends on it? Cable Symbolises Self Control and Discipline. If you must have Noticed Many small Thin wires together Form a Cable. That Thin Vulnerable Wires alone are Quite Weak, But together they make the cable stronger than Iron. Similarly, Our self-control and Discipline is also Formed of small things.

For example: Instead of Eating Unhealthy Food Go for Healthy Diet(food) can form self-control. Instead of Drinking Cold Drink, Drink Water, instead of using the lift(Elevator).Using stair. Instead of watching the useless video, To read a Good book, at least a page. The discipline of getting up early instead of sleeping till late etc.

All these small Things will not look great to you, But this small decision will bring big changes in your life. Hence Replace Your small bad decisions with the Good ones, it will Increase your self control and improve your discipline, which is very necessary for a happy and a successful life.

No.5) Stop Watch.

The 5th thing which Arises In the story was Stopwatch. Which symbolizes A time, Every human no matter how rich or poor he is, Every individual gets the equal amount of time that is 24 hours a day.Not less or more than that. But the thing which makes the difference between the rich and the poor is the time, The way a person makes use of his time. A poor person Doesn't give value to time, do a lot of not so useful things in a day, waste time, procrastinate, whereas a successful person gives value to time, and use it wisely, this doesn't mean he works 24 hrs and doesn't enjoy his life. But he manages the time wisely so that he can work as well as enjoy, can do both the things in same 24 hrs.

No.6) The Fragrant Rose.

The 6th thing which comes under the story is Fragrance of a flower`. There is a saying in Chinese that little Fragrance remains in the hand, which gives flowers to others.

Here Flower and Fragrance Symbolise Social Cause.Helping others without thinking about our own benefits. No matter how much rich a person becomes, how much crores and million he earns, He will not be able to get as much satisfaction that a human being Receives when helping another person. Hence you will see, a person who earns a lot of money in his life and get tired of it, starts spending most of their money in helping others. Because this thing gives them the real happiness and satisfaction.

Hence if you want to become a happy person then start helping others selflessly.this will give you a real satisfaction and happiness.

No.7) Path of Diamond.

The last thing which appears in the story was the path of diamonds, which Sumo Wrestler follow and started walking towards it. This path of diamonds or can say Only Diamonds Represents Our Present.The Moment which we are living right now.

Some time ago a movie came name " Bar Bar Dekho; which was somewhat similar to Hollywood movie CLICK. The thing which I liked about that movie was its message, the moral of that movie. That Movie Actor was so busy thinking about his Future that He doesn't live his Present. Because of which just like water his life and his special ones get a slip from his hand, and remains alone sad dissatisfied in his life.

Hence it was a movie, so that actor gets a chance to do everything right. But in real life that's not possible. In real life, people are so busy thinking about their Past and future, That they forget to live their Present.


When they Were kid they think, we will enjoy as we grow, When they grow up, they feel, childhood was the best.when they grow older, they feel, it was best to be young. This way they never live or enjoy their Present. Some think when I will Earn a lot of money that time I will enjoy when I will have a car that time is the real Enjoyment. NO, That is not True. Having money is a great thing, and definitely, you must wish to earn, But don't forget only money can't give you happiness. If you want to be happy, Live today live at the moment live your present make the best use of your today. The things which you have now cherish them.Enjoy and cherish your time with your Parents, Your partner with your friends and with your kids.Feel HAPPY AND GREAT ABOUT IT. Because in Future you will realize these small things were your Real and the most precious Diamonds.And Nothing can ever Replace that. Hence live your present with a lot of happiness.

These were the 7 virtues which Monks were Following From 1000 of years and which has given happiness to many people. The way Monk leader Told Julian, To share this Knowledge with his friends and people who need it the most, Similarly, I will also tell you to share this knowledge with your friends and family and with people who need it the most. This sharing will help you more to Follow the Virtue properly.

This Knowledge I have shared from the Book The Monk who sold is Ferrari by Robin Sharma. This is a very easy to read the book and an exciting book too, so do read it...

And Finally Thanks for reading...

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