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THE 6 PILLARS OF SELF-ESTEEM: Book Summary By Nathaniel Branden (Part-2)

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"The cave we're afraid to enter usually contains the treasure we're looking for." which means that, if we want to achieve something in our lives, then for that we need to take action Actions are obligatory and we are aware of this, but even so we can not take action for fear of failure. We are afraid to do something new, we fear hard work and efforts and one of the main reasons for this fear is our low self-esteem or low confidence therefore, it is really very important for us to maintain our self-esteem or confidence always high In my second previous article, I have shared ways or practical ways of doing it, which can help you to improve and increase your confidence self-esteem after my second previous article many of you will ask me to talk about the last pillars of self-esteem Therefore, in this article I will discuss the last three remaining pillars of self-esteem.

So Let's Start...

No.1) Practice of own responsibility

In Martin Saligemen he did an experiment, in which he has given slight shakes to some dogs But before giving a scare, he used to ring a bell, he has repeated this process several times Therefore, because of this, what happened to those dogs has associated that bell ring with blows so when Martin used to ring a bell and it did not scare them, even those dogs have to behave like If you have received a shock, this was the first part of an experiment.

In the second part, Martin kept those dogs inside a box type place, and that box type place was divided by a small wooden stick in one part of the box was the button, by pressing that button you can hit those dogs but the other side or part of the box was safe so when Martin kept the old dogs in that area of ​​the button part, those dogs went to bed in that same part and I did not even try to jump and get into the safe part of the box If they had tried, they would have been saved from that shock however, when Martin kept new dogs inside that area of ​​buttons, the new dogs that have not received blows they jumped to the safe side to protect themselves from that crash Through this experiment, Martin obtained a very important theory that is known as learned helplessness.

That teach that helplessness can be learned, humans and animals learn it with the help of our life experiences, which is not good for many times.


If that dog instead of accepting his situation, if he had tried and if he had acted and jumped on the other side then he must have saved himself from that shock, but nevertheless with his past experience he learned and thought that it does not matter what shock I will receive therefore he did not even try and those dogs surrendered to that problem without trying it simply because they felt powerless.

Now the same thing happens with humans too, many times we take our situations so badly and to think that we can not do anything about it, we treat ourselves as victims we feel that others have control over us and we can not control anything, control is not in our hands and we simply can not do anything, we are helpless, but the real fact is that if we take the responsibility percent of everything in our hands and if we use our brain correctly and if we take the right measures, then we have the ability change the worst to the worst situations and do things right

Therefore, even you should take responsibility for the things that surround you, It does not matter if those things are happening for you or because someone else simply takes responsibility you should have control of your life in your hands and take actions This will surely give you great success but it will also increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

No.2) Practice of living life purposefully

For most people, life is like a river that flows, in which they flow without thinking or without plans. they do not work hard or put efforts in the direction over which they have a plan they simply go with the flow, where the river (life) is carrying them, they are simply moving there without thinking and this happens until the moment they do not see a big waterfall in front of them, when they see the end of that river they realize that they are about to fall, therefore, at that moment they try to get out of that river they try very hard to move to the opposite side of the river that they try to protect themselves, but unfortunately it was too late for them.

The maximum people in this world live their lives in the terms and conditions of people do what society asks to do, they do not have their own goals, they do not have their own life purpose so they follow the flow, they continue to flow without any plan and understanding but one day, when the problems of life knock on your door, you do not face it, even after trying a lot of time they do not handle it, and they blame others for their own wrong acts It was his mistake of not setting goals and moving without plans.

Why talk about others, even I was living my life without goals and plans when I was in college just looking at the life of my parents and friends, even I was living my life the way it was going, so my self-esteem and confidence were not good and at that time if I had not set my goals, if I had not planned my purpose like my friends so today, like them, I would continue to look for a good job and I would be about to fall from the financial waterfall (financial problems) and until now I would have lost all my self-esteem and confidence but fortunately, due to the reading of books, I came to know the importance and value of the objectives and the purpose Since then, I have made my life the purpose of encouraging people to read books, to generate curiosity and I'm sure I'll try to change the mentality of people, because the mentality of people changes then our country and the whole world some bigger problems will be solved and we, the people together, will make a big difference in our country and in this whole world therefore, I created this website that is completing my purpose and is also helping me earn money.

I am living my life on purpose, therefore, my self-esteem and confidence are much better than before therefore, I would ask everyone to set goals, do not keep up do not allow life or situations to move the way they move make a plan, what you want to do, how to do the objectives at this time Otherwise, there will come a day when you will be caught in a big problem and no matter how hard you try, you can not get out of that problem, and eventually you will fall.

No.3) Personal Integrity Practice

Suppose there are two men who only know how to speak and real always fails to take action and can never do anything good in life On the other hand, there is another man, who not only speaks but also has courage to take action in real life. According to you, whose confidence will be more? Practicing personal integrity means doing the things we say It means taking actions according to our beliefs.


I personally and genuinely with a pure heart believe that I defraud, deceive someone and take the rights of others it's not good at all, it's really bad but suppose that someday if I do something that is against my belief if I disappoint someone or cheat on someone, then this thing will surely hurt my self-esteem Not only because I did something wrong but because what I believed with all my heart I did something opposite to that and this will make me feel guilty and I will never be able to face myself in the mirror.

Having integrity means taking actions according to your beliefs and your sayings and this will surely boost your self-esteem and confidence, and it's imperative for your confidence therefore, always practice taking actions according to your beliefs and sayings (speaking).

These were the last three remaining principles of the book The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem I have already said that I have explained three pillars in my second previous article therefore, if you have not read it yet, you can read by clicking on this green link.

If you want to read this incredible book, you can buy this book by clicking on this green link.

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