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THE 6 PILLARS OF SELF-ESTEEM: Book Summary By Nathaniel Branden (Part-1)

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How much can you do in your life and how able you are to make money in your life, and how well you can manage your relationship In fact, the ability you have to grow in every aspect of your life depends mainly on one thing and that is your self-esteem That is, how much confidence and trust you have in yourself and what you think and feel exactly about yourself is really very important to your achievements and accomplishments In fact, the author says that self-esteem plays a more important role directly or indirectly behind depression and low-performing violence such as suicide and other important problems therefore, it is really important that we understand this topic very well and appropriately.


During takeoff, Airhostess instructs all passengers who specifically say at the time of emergency To use your own oxygen mask first before helping anyone because if something bad happens at the time of travel, passengers will have only the second to put on the mask and no matter how fit and muscular you are If you try to help others first, you will surely die and you will also reduce your chances of helping others. and this instruction is also valid when your child or your loved one is sitting next to you Even in such a situation, the right decision will be to first help yourself before helping others.

In short, if you can not help yourself first, then surely you will not be able to help others Similarly, if we do not feel good about ourselves if we have a lack of confidence then we can not achieve anything big or huge in our lives and we can not even help others the person who does not have a credible world, even the world will be afraid to believe that person Therefore, always keep your self-esteem high.

Therefore, today I will share three pillars of self-esteem, by practicing those pillars you can create a perfect self-esteem, So let's start ...

No.1) Live consciously

I have noticed many times, usually on normal work days or at home time passes quickly how fast is the weekend that we do not even realize, but if I leave the city for two or three days or even for a day, then I find those days very long, listening long does not mean boring but I feel as if on that day I had done so many things as if I had different places I did different things that also in only one day, while that same day I do not even realize where he has gone all the time so the reason for this we spend most of the time unconsciously, Usually, people do not live in the moment, instead of thinking about the present moment we think about other things and use our brain to think about other things as instead of staying and enjoying the present moment, we think unnecessary things in our mind and use all our time thinking about other useless things, let's understand this in a small example sometimes what happens while we think about something we get to another place instead of going to A route that we get to route B, because our mental focus remains on other things,

Allows you to have a great example of level many people begin to live their life as a robot doing the same thing regularly, they never stay in the moment, they become someone whose mind always stays in another place, means that when they stay at home they think of an office, when they stay in the office they think of they stay physically with their family, but mentally they stay in another place, therefore, they can not spend quality time and because of this his personal professional life turns sour and this is the big problem, because you must have seen people who do not consciously spend their lives means that those who do not live in the moment are usually those who lack confidence and self -esteem

Whereas people who do new things mean that people who stay in the moment and live life consciously whose self-esteem and confidence always remain at the top, and it is they who can form well relationships and able to preform very well professionally, as well as personally and live your life with the maximum potential therefore, practice the first pillar trying to stay always in the moment and try to live life consciously.

No.2) Self-Acceptance

I still remember the time when I was a teenager. at that time I used to face the problem of acne and because of this acne problem I used to feel terrible, I was so embarrassed that I used to ignore the conversation face to face with others, I did not want anyone to see my face because in some corner of my heart I was not accepting the fact that it is normal and will go after a certain age Many people advised me but I still lived under my denial, and I tried different products I used to eat different things, so that the pimples vanish, but even so, after trying everything, nothing happened the only thing that happened due to this denial and for not accepting the natural problem I lost my confidence and my self-esteem became very low I became a socially uncomfortable and introverted person and had very little confidence and because of this stupid denial I lost many opportunities.

The reason why I'm telling you all this so that your people do not act so stupid accept yourself as you are, accept the way nature has created you, be natural and accept your natural being remember the things that attracts the most people is not anyone's height, skin color, weight but confidence of the person therefore, accept yourself as you are and have confidence.

Now an important thing, here I am not saying that you accept without understanding anything No, here I am saying, that two types of situations will come before you :-

  • First situation, about which you can do anything or anything By taking the right actions, you can change that thing.

  • While the second situation is something that nothing can be done about, no matter how hard you try.


If you are overweight, you can do so, you can take action on it You can take a proper diet you can also exercise and you can improve and you can overcome this problem then in such a situation do not say that I am fine as I am and I do not care what others say, etc. here you should take action and improve but suppose there is a situation where you have a genetically short height and you just can not do anything about it therefore, in such a situation, accept that yes I have a short height and I go ahead instead of getting angry about this fact, motivate yourself and tell the world that the thing what matters more than the height is the action and the thought of the person and those actions and thoughts really make a person big or small in life.

No.3) Self-Affirmation

For the most part, there are two types of people, the first is passive and the other aggressive.


Suppose there is a man standing in a row of tickets from very long and suddenly a boy comes and gets between that line of tickets, so in that situation if that person He is passive, so he will not say anything, he will feel angry but he will keep his anger inside but if that person is of an aggressive type, then surely that person will scream and can also abuse and ask that boy to get out of that line and come back, I know this is not the perfect example

Passive people are those who do not say no to anyone, no matter how late they arrive but if someone asks for their help, they surely begin to help, because they simply can not say NO they are the kind of people that if they do not get the right food, they eat it without complaining about it They hesitate to complain about that In short, you can say that passive people are those who do the things that others want them to do.

While aggressive people are the ones who do things according to their wishes aggressive people are those who directly say No, without listening or understanding the other person And if they do not get the right food, they can yell at the waiter and they can create mess.

Now the question arises, what kind of person should I be if I were passive or not? aggressive, well, you should not be like any of them because if you stay passive then people will take advantage of you and you will not be able to do things according to your wishes and if you stay aggressive, people will find you rude and you will not like them therefore, the best type for you is to stay assertive.

Assertive people are those who do not get the right food, so they will not eat that food and not even yell at the waiter but politely, like a gentleman, ask the waiter to change it That is, in short assertive is a kind of person who does things according to their desires but without being rude therefore to increase their self-esteem and confidence Even you should become an intelligent and assertive person who knows how to handle things correctly.

I have shared this knowledge from my perspective and from an amazing six-pillar self-esteem book. I have shared only three pillars of this book and if you want to understand the other three pillars Then click on this green link.

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