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THE $100 STARTUP: Book Summary By Chris Guillebeau (HOW TO START A BUSINESS)

Hello friends,

While you grow up you must have heard from someone As if I did not have much money in another way I would have started my own business And I would have won a lot of money.

Well, I've heard this statement many times, Therefore, even I used to think that a lot of money is required for a business and if we do not have enough money, we can not start our own business.

A few years before I came to know, that my perception and my thoughts were related to the start of a company I was completely wrong ... However, we can start our own micro enterprise with less investment Through which we can earn a lot of money and freedom. You can free yourself from the stress of the money problem.

All right. if I talk about myself, the books of The Desire of Reading came to me when I was watching HOW TO START BUSINESS WITH LESS INVESTMENT video The suggestion of three books was given at the end of that video What I actually followed and read the three books, from that day my life began to take a positive change and today I have reached this position. If you follow me for a long time, you should keep in mind those three books If not, I will inform you in the comments section

Today I am sharing all this with you, because I hope this video helps you change your life, and even you get freedom from the problems of money and stress and you can start your own micro enterprise Let's talk about today's book Among these criteria, if you are in shape, even in two Then this video and this video will be very beneficial and useful for you.

No.1) Do you want to start your own business or do you want to learn some useful and important things related to business.

No.2) You do not have much money to invest.

No.3) You want to do what you love you want to be happy and you want freedom.

No.4) And if you want your annual net income more than 30 lakhs.

No.5) If you are alone on your team or 5 people or less, then that

no.6) and if you do not have special abilities

Now some will say that what nonsense is this, It is not possible if it were possible, then everyone would be doing this, so for those negative people The summary of the book that I am going to give today The author of this book has interviewed 1500 entrepreneur micro entrepreneurs and has conducted a survey Who was fitting in the 4 criteria among 6, In fact they made this happen, And how could they do it, I will share some of your points,

Let's start...

No.1) Three things you need.

In a simple way, to do business, we need three things

  • The first and most important is a Product or a service that you can sell to others.
  • Second Some people who must be ready to buy or buy it from you.
  • And Third A way through which you can make money transactions easily.

And when you mix these three points, you can become an entrepreneur. Previously it was very difficult to turn these three things into reality or make it possible, Before creating a product, there was a need for a lot of money an appropriate place and it was necessary for many people to create it, etc. Even before to look for a client requires a lot of money. Or he had to try hard to get to them, and even for the transaction, there was no easy way. But today things have changed Today, with the help of the Internet and technology, you can create your product anywhere in your home or while traveling the world. And you can make your product reach the whole world through the Internet and you can also sell your product through the Internet and you can even get your payment with the use of Paypal.

Today many people are doing Microenterprises, Through which they are generating a good amount of money, among so many people, I am one of the smallest examples, I can go anywhere in the world and I can do my job I have started my own website with less investment through which I get decent returns So do not think you need a lot of money to start a business.

This is the first job to start a business in this book The next points will explain important information related to the product and customers.

No.2) Area of ​​convergence

Here it is said that the area of ​​Convergence interacts between two circles, In which the first circle represents your passion and the second circle represents what people care or things that people need,

The author says that if you want to earn money, you should pay more attention to this area,

For Example

Your passion can be many things, like eating ice cream, pizza or roaming, etc. But if people do not get any benefit from their passion or do not need your ice cream eating passion for any reason Then you can not make money with that.

Therefore, it is very important that you do a business related to the interaction Between the passion and the need of the people.


Megan Hunt was a creative person, who was very interested in becoming an entrepreneur However, she has some passions that she was working on, But then he realized his different passion, through which he would have created a good business All the marriages she achieved, she used to prepare a bouquet for herself and everyone liked them, and they used to ask for those kinds of bouquets So with this, she had an idea, and started making handmade wedding dresses and bouquets And he started selling to others according to their demands and orders.

Therefore, it was his passion and the people on his special day, means for his marriage you need something so special and special, so the result was also great and impressive In his first year, he won 25 lakhs of his business And today she is gaining, even more, in a similar way, even if she focuses on a convergence area Because there you can serve people and only your money will be generated And everyone will be happy with your client and with you.

No.3) Transformation of skills

Many times your passion will not create a business, But the skill related to your passion can create a business.


Gary Leff's passion was to travel, especially international travel, He knew very well, that no one will pay him or give him money to travel, therefore, what he did was, he started a business of Miles Redeem. The skill he had learned through his international travels Some airlines run a program, By participating in it or using your flight most of the time, we will get reward points or miles for that, and when some specific miles are completed so you can redeem that point and you can also eliminate free flight tickets,

Now it sounds easy, but generally the procedure was quite difficult, They do not have an idea about how to redeem these points; In general, people find it difficult and confused. Therefore, Gary had learned this procedure very well and started booking tickets for others By redeeming your points, as a result. Gary earns $ 75,000 per year, means 48 Gaps,

And this example is the result of this formula

                                                                             ------------   + UTILITY = SUCCESS.

No.4) Add value gain freedom

Before starting a business, something very important What you should keep in mind is: How much value will you add to the lives of others? Through its product and service The more you create value for them, the more successful your business will be, And you can create value as every person needs something more in their life or something less as people need more love, more acceptance, more free time and if you can give them these things through their products and services then you will begin to create value. and vice versa, you can earn more money even by reducing things like, less stress, by reducing conflict or by reducing their struggle or uncertainty, etc.


Comedians make money by reducing stress from others The consultants make money reducing conflicts, problems, struggles. In the same way, many people are making money by reducing or giving more to people. Therefore, similarly, even you do something for others through which Value is created, so even you can form a good business without much investment

Now another real example of a book. If you know that there is an Ever Note software, To get notes. Which is used by many users, one from the Brett username. Therefore, he was a regular user of Ever note software He understood very well how to use each note correctly, there was not a proper source to learn it through the Internet, therefore, taking it as an opportunity, what he did was, he created a book for a lot of hard work and research In which he used many detailed diagrams and screenshots and created an incredible book where he explained the appropriate forms and advice using a note sometimes and he started selling this book as his product to others. Surprisingly, this started to work very fast and very well, And by selling that book, he started earning $ 300 per day and began to earn almost 12,0000, dollar per year means 77 shortages per year. He did all this by adding value, reducing the work and workload of others, that it was something very valuable to do, therefore, in a similar way, even you should do it.

No.5) Difference between Characteristic and benefits.

One more thing, about which you should be aware is the difference between features and benefits The characteristic is something that you can describe through the words while the benefits are something that gives an emotional message.


The function of my website is a summary of the book, While the benefit of my website is (learn wisdom and improve every day to achieve a successful and happy life) My article will give you knowledge and wisdom of some of the smartest and successful people in the world, with the help of which they succeeded and following it We can even succeed and we can have a happy life.

Now an important announcement apart from an article, What book summary should I do for my next article? You can give your suggestion in the comments section.

Now let's talk about the book again, I've shared this knowledge of The $ 100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, If you are interested in a business, then you should read this book, it is an incredible book
And if you want to buy this book, click on the link below,

Share my website as much as possible so that people have a desire to read books, and can improve their mentality through which even our country can improve Now to finish, finally thanks for reading.

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