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SALT SUGAR & FAT: Book Summary By Michael Moss (3 DEADLY FOOD WE EAT DAILY)

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If I give a box of chocolates to a child and treats to the parents of that child Then looking at that gesture of mine will surely feel good they will thank me and also appreciate my nature and gesture but instead of giving chocolates, if I give that child cocaine or any drug harmful to the parents of that child By doing this, there are great chances that they will become violent and they will also take me to the police. because they know and are aware of the harmful effect of drugs, they know that these drugs It can ruin your life and can also take the lives of your children. therefore, putting me behind bars would be justified because I was doing something illegal and dangerous.

But do you have any idea that a few years ago investigations were conducted in a few people, in which they were asked eat sugary products, and while you eat your brain has been scanned and after that shocking scan results they were revealed Part of our brain that is activated after taking dangerous drugs and cocaine those same parts It is activated even after eating sugary products, in short, sugar behaves just like drugs in our body and brain.

look at our brain mind has a reward system, which makes us feel good and lets us know what things we have to do again and what we should not do again, drugs like cocaine heroin it releases a lot of dopamine in the human brain and because of that dopamine, people feel really amazing They feel like they are flying, they feel like they are in heaven, but it is actually part of our reward system and this amazing feeling makes the human addicted to drugs and unfortunately the same thing happens with sugar Sugar releases dopamine in our brain more compared to normal, so when eating sugary products we feel incredible and for such an incredible feeling even after eating a lot and even after feeling satisfied, say, that we can eat sweets at any time, we always have space for sweets in our stomach and so we eat above our stomach limit and the worst part is that, on one side, parents are alert about the side effects and harmful effects of drugs They keep their child away from such things, which is good but at the same time they do it for themselves Give your children sweets also in greater quantity and sensation as if they were full of nutrition and gives them a lot of energy they do not understand that eating sugar more than normal is not good for the health of their children and eating too much sugar can take the lives of their children and their lives in the same way as those harmful drugs.

The only difference between these drugs and the consumption of sugary products is that these drugs show a rapid effect on the body while sugar is like a slow poison, reacts slowly and gradually causes very serious health problems that slowly and gradually takes human life.

According to the research, the first time in the history of humanity we have reached such a situation where an American child can not survive until their parents grow old, because obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease other large diseases and health problems have increased compared to any other time, and is rapidly increasing The first time in the history of humanity, people are not struggling or stressed by malnutrition, but they are tense because of overweight and obesity, and the reason for all this is just our inadequate diet, and guess what sugar, salt and fat play a very important role for current health problems.


A few years ago, the scientist devised an investigation in which they showed that our brain has hormones known as leptin and the work of this hormone is to make the person know if his the stomach is full or not, they are hungry or full, but because of eating sugar in large quantities this the hormones do not work properly and, therefore, we overeat, we eat more than our stomach limits and with this habit of overeating, our stomach pancreas can not handle it, the pancreas is our part of the body that prepares insulin, and the job of insulin is to control our blood sugar But due to the habit of overeating, the pancreas does not function properly and because of this many health problems take place in the human body such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other heart diseases and liver diseases, not only this, surely you will get at least one person in each household that suffers with tooth pain and dental problems and all this happens due to the excessive amount of sugar, Another problem that increases due to sugar is hypersensitivity among all age groups.

In 1960, many food companies corrupted many scientists and asked them to investigate and put harmful whole sugar affects the fault of saturated fats, so the product of those companies continued to sell and the reality is that it is not just about sugar, but that the food industries are using three pillars on which Holy Parrilla can say and by using those three pillars they are winning in crores and making us addictive of their products The food industries have three more powerful and efficient weapons because of those weapons they are still surviving in the market and, obviously, no.weapon is Sugar and two other weapons that you can see in each processed food that also in large quantity is salt and fat.


You must have noticed that every time we start eating potato chips, we are not satisfied with a piece of potato chips generally we keep eating chips until that chip package is not emptied This happens because even salt is really a very addictive substance many scientists argue that they are related to salt, say that salt is as addictive as cigarettes and other hard drugs the salt gives us a blast with incredible flavor that increases the flavor of any food Because of such an incredible taste, we feel incredible while we eat any food similarly, even fat gives us an incredible feeling in the mouth which gives us an incredible experience while we eat.


If I give you dry pizza or a sandwich, I'm sure you will not like to eat it, but if I spread cheese on that pizza that also melted the cheese, then surely you will eat it and for sure it will make your gastronomic experience incredible we found that experience so incredible that again and again we want to feel that same experience and with such addiction we begin to eat, I even love cheese, generally in everything but unfortunately due to these two things in excess our health is being affected because to increase the taste flavor of any food, generally everyone adds more salt in each meal which is not really good for our normal daily requirement and due to the excessive amount our chances of blood pressure problems increase and therefore, due to high blood pressure problems, the chances of many other large diseases increase as a heart problem, brain problem with kidney problems, sexual problems, bone problems and many more.

Similarly, in order to make a good experience incredible moth generally every food has increased the amount of fat that once again goes above and beyond your normal daily requirement and even this is a sign of danger because if you eat a percentage of trans fat more than your daily requirement, then your percentage chances will increase to face various heart problems and if they eat similar fats in excess, the odds of several health problems will increase If you still can not find all these dangerous facts, listen to another fact.

According to data from 2015, the 10 leading causes of which maximum death has occurred Among the top ten leading causes were heart problems and strokes and diabetes was at number 6 and until now he must have known the reason behind all these diseases and problems.

Now, whatever knowledge I've shared so far, maybe people were not aware of all of them but generally each individual has basic knowledge, that overeating can affect our health But still, why can not we stop, why can not we avoid eating those harmful products?

No.1) Brain pleasure link

Specifically talking about sugar, have you ever thought why you only like sweet taste, why don't we like bitter taste? well the reason for this is, during ancient time when survival used to be very difficult at that time people were not having much knowledge, hence at that time people used to taste food and used to understand whether eating a particular food will be good or not.

Example, whenever they used to get any food, they used to taste it, and if they find it bitter after tasting it, then they used to take that food as harmful, they used to relate bitter taste as poison hence since then our brain has connected bitter taste with negative and bad feelings on the other side whenever they used to get any sweet food, then they used to find that food healthy and full of nutrition, since then our brain has related sweet taste with good and positive feelings, But the most important fact we need to note here is , that in earlier ages getting sugar salt and fat wasn't easy earlier it was very hard to get sugar salt and fat, hence eating little extra wouldn't have cost much because earlier people were not getting enough sugar salt and fat on a daily basis hence eating extra was ok but today at present every huge and big food industries has made these three things available in excess but our brain doesn't accept this fact subconsciously , and because of this lack of understanding we overeat.

No.2) Big companies want money

Author says big companies have idea that how much powerful salt sugar and fat is hence they never take this thing lightly or leniently, they don't launch any product without putting much efforts actually big companies invest lot of money in making such products they hire scientist and food engineers, who do difficult and complicated research using science and maths so that they can come up with such a perfect taste product, so that after eating that product we human get addictive to that awesome experience and taste and we fail to stop eating their product they invest so much because they want us to buy their product again and again and so that they can earn their profit in million, hence their addictive food make us overeat.

No.3) Group mentality

Every individual knows that cigarette is injurious to health and causes cancer and people die because of it, every one knows but still Everyone smokes, why because our brain works as per group mentality, means whenever we see so many people smoking around us, in television, at that time we feel why i shouldn't smoke we feel that if everyone is doing it, then it must be right which again was good for ancient time and was required for survival similarly today eating sweets has become so common that we can see every individual eating it in every occasion, Companies shows so many ads related to chocolates soft drinks and related to sweets that after watching it we feel as if eating those stuffs is really very normal, and everyone does it and this is one of the biggest problem of group mentality because ones we accept that it is normal and everyone does it then it becomes really very difficult for us not doing it.

These were some reason because of which we eat salt sugar and fats in excess quantity even after knowing that overeating such stuffs won't be good for us for sure now all these were the problems now lets discuss about the soluton i would request and suggest every parent and everyone the way you people keep yourself and your loved ones away from cocaine and other harmful drugs similarly keep yourself and your loved ones away from excessive eating of sugar salt and fat at least understand its harmful affect on us, i know its not easy, its not easy to control even i find hard to control but at least we should try to avoid overeating of such stuffs if we care ourselves and our loved ones.

Hence i would request you all to share this knowledge to as many people as you can do share it with your friends and family so that they understand about all these facts so that our group mentality which has destroyed our diet, that same group mentality bring us back to right and proper and healthy diet taking action together will make things easy for us.

Another important fact that we must remember that today every big food company uses excessive salt sugar fat and it is not only their fault, because we as an individual choose has choice, what we should eat and what we shouldn't, if they stop using these stuffs then they stop earning.

Hence it's better we take responsibility on ourselves and at the individual level we should stop buying such products in which excessive amount of such stuffs are used, and should choose other healthy food to eat, by this companies will then by itself start making healthy products, if demand for healthy food will increase supply will also increase by companies.

These were some very important and reality check information from the book Salt sugar and fat by Michael Moss if you want to Buy this book then Click This Green Colour Link.

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