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ONE MINUTE MANAGER: Book Summary By Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

Hello Friends,

An intelligent young man has decided that he will become a good manager, no matter what happens Because he had understood, to live happily and move forward in life, leadership and management skills are needed. Because if we want to achieve something great, or we want to do something big in our life, then we will need the help of others at some time, and we have to deal with others. And if we stay behind in this ability, there will be less chance that we will become great or get something huge in life.
             Now, due to all these reasons and many more important reasons, start looking for a perfect administrator, Who can help you understand and learn these crucial skills? and he can also work with such a good manager and later one day he can become like him.
                                                                                                  So, for this, it started to go from one company to another, it literally went from big to almost all small businesses and to me almost all managers, and began to interview them. He went to different cities and also went to different countries in search of managers, but unfortunately he could not find any manager. Who is effective and perfect according to him,

Almost all the managers that the young man met and took the interview, was of two types, the first is the Autocratic manager and the second is the Democrat manager,

Autocratic manager,

Meaning Manager whose main objective was to generate profits for the company, I think they were great and experts, but the employees did not like this kind of managers.

Democrat Manager

That is, managers who prioritize employees and then think about the company. These types of managers are understanding and highly appreciated by employees.

Now both types of administrator are fine, but there are big problems with them.

For example,

Autocratic managers always think about the benefits of the company. Because of this objective, they never think of the company's employees. and never make your company's employees happy with your team members.
                                While, on the other hand, the Democratic manager always gives priority to the employees of the company and the members of his team, so they do not achieve the desired result and the benefits for the company And these two were the main problems, which bothered that young man.

I did not receive any effective Manager, who was perfect in both aspects. And few managers who found that they were better than the others, were not ready to give an interview. Then, finally, after so much disappointment, he returns home.

After returning home, he began to think that he might not be able to find an effective manager who can help him learn such important skills. But fortunately or ironically, he came to know about a manager near his hometown, Who was appreciated and loved by many, almost all people want to work with that manager. Not only this, but he was also a manager that generated profits for his company. At first, when this man heard all these things about that manager, he thought that everything was a lie, but still, he decided to meet with him, and when he called that manager to take his appointment, he got it easily, Then, again, that young man began to think, if he were so perfect, then he would not have time to know me, but since he was close. He went to meet him.

Now, when that young man met that manager, he asked his first question, which he did to almost all the managers ... And the question was. What do you think of what type of administrator you are? How will you describe yourself? For this question, that manager answered, I'm a one minute manager, listening to this. That young man was surprised. Because before all the managers had given him the answer that was somewhat related to both the autocratic aspect and the democrat. But this manager was quite different.
                                           Then, with surprised Expression, he asked that manager; Sorry, I did not understand you, what do you mean, One Minute Manager? While the manager laughs I answered, I say this to myself, because it takes me much less time to get the results of others, LISTENING to him, that young man could not believe, by his expression, even the manager understood that he is not believing his ears. So, the manager asked that young man, if he wants to know more about him and what a good manager he is, he can talk to his team members, And that manager gave the list to that man, and he says on this list that there are few names, to whom one can speak,

That man takes the list under which 6 names were written, so the young man decides that he will talk to at least 3 people, after deciding that he will leave there. And first he goes and meets Mr. Trenell. After talking to him, he realizes that the concept of a minute manager really exists. And even he has to follow that 3 (Secrets of a minute) if he wants to become an effective manager. So Mr. Trenell explains it about the secret of the first minute between the three, This is known as a one-minute Goal setting, and to apply this secret you have to do some following things:

  • First, you must have a clear understanding of the objective of a company and employees. Because most of the time what happens is that the objectives of the company differ from the goal of the employees and so nothing happens correctly. Therefore, everyone should agree on a common goal,
  • The second thing that everyone should know is how they should work, how they should behave and how their work should be.
  • Third, everyone should write their goals on one page, but less than 250 words.
  • The fourth thing is to always read this goal that will not take more than 1 MINUTE.
  • Fifth is after removing a minute from work, you need to see if we are working on our goals correctly or not, and if our behavior is ideal or not, these are the one-minute goal setting points that you should follow.

That young man finds these things very simple and effective, so with emotion, he asked Trenell: This was the first secret, what about the other two? Then, Trenell With a Smile looks at his Watch and asks him to meet Levy, to learn about the Secret Other. And as you want to meet 3 people, why do not you know him and ask him about it? Upon hearing this, that young man smiles and, with all enthusiasm and energy, goes to Levy's office to meet him.

After Meeting Levy That Young understands that yes, actually, the One Minute concept is there, and even Levy happily follows it, He told Levy that he was aware of the one-minute goal setting, but he does not know the second secret, so Levy begins to explain it. The second secret is A MOMENT OF PRAISE And to apply it, levy ask a young man to do the following,

  • 1. tell the members of your team that they will receive them. A genuine feedback for their work,
  • 2. immediately praise someone for their good work, because the problem is that people easily criticize someone who is wrong to work, but do not praise immediately for something good,
  • For which people do not work well and do not feel like working so well, always praise immediately.
  • 3. Be specific and tell them what work they did well.
  • 4. Tell them how good you felt seeing them work so well and properly, and how important that thing was.
  • 5. Stay silent for a while so that even they can feel their feelings.
  • 6. Encourage them to do that job more, After explaining all this, Levy says that this was the second effective secret to becoming a good effective administrator.

After hearing all this young man asked Levy about the third with all the excitement At that moment, Levy smiled and said that Miss Brown explained the third secret, and I know that he has not met her yet. And I know you still have not met her, once again the young man smiles and says thank you for raising money and goes to MISS BROWN OFFICE TO FIND IT, Miss Brown was a well-dressed 50-year-old woman who begins by explaining the points of the third secret to that young man; The third secret was known as one-minute reprimands,

It is known that a reprimand makes someone realize their mistake, get angry or disapprove something. And this ULTIMATE secret must be followed in two parts,

The First Part Is

  • 1. immediately reprimand someone for their mistake, do not ignore someone's mistake at the beginning and eliminate all anger together one day.
  • The second thing they should do is tell them what mistakes they made.
  • 3. to understand how you felt because of your mistake,
  • 4. to be silent for a while so they can understand their feelings of how they felt so they can realize, this was the first part.

Now the second point of the second part is:

  • 1st Point shake your hand, or with any gesture show them that yes, it is on your side,
  • The second point in part is to make them understand how much value they have for you and how much you value them,
  • Third point to reaffirm that you think it is good and better for them and that the only thing you did not like was their particular performance.
  • The fourth point after the reprimand recovers, understand that yes, it's over, do not bring the same subject again.

After explaining all this, Ms. Brown tells Young that these are the things that are needed and what she must do to become an effective manager. After learning all these important useful things, that young man felt very happy and incredible, he found all these things very simple and effective, then he wrote everything in his book and started to follow it and finally, after a few years, he even became a very effective manager by following these principles: a manager who, by taking less time, provides great or more results. And many appreciated and appreciated it.

Similarly, even if you want to become an effective leader or manager, then use and follow these Principles.

Now, to finish, the knowledge I have shared today is from the book ONE MINUTE MANAGER BY Ph.D. KENNETH BLANCHARD AND Ph.D. SPENCER JOHNSON.

If you are interested in leadership quality or management, then you should read this book. If you want to buy this book, then click this green colour link, It is a book that contains a very useful knowledge that will help you to be sure:)

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