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MILLION DOLLAR HABITS: Book Summary By Brain Tracy

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A very important discovery of psychology and success say that 90% things we think we feel, we take actions and we archive they are only because of our habits In simple words your habits are the main factors that will decide what you get in life, that is, success or failure.

Only a few people succeed because only a few people form important habits And turn it into a Ritual and follow it daily and make it a routine That in returns make them successful.

So today I'm going to share five habits of successful people That even we can follow and we can make our new year and whole life happy and better. And it can be successful.

So let's Begin.

Habit No.1 :- High self-concept

When I was a kid, I went shopping, At that time, the store owner told me something, Why he said, what was the reason. I had no idea. But I still remember his words clearly, what was it, Dear son, you have a really bright Future. You will do a lot in life. Listening This made me feel so good that I can not express what my feeling was, My innocent little brain considered it a fact, And even my self-concept formed that way, Yes, surely I will do something great and a lot in Life. From that statement of two lines, I had created so many positive meanings, Because of this, my Self-concept has increased a lot. Even for now I have the same concept of myself. As I know, yes, I will do many good things in my life.

In the same way, many experiences take place in our lives, some positive experiences and some negative ones That create and form different self-concepts in us since childhood whose impact sometimes remains in our life forever.

Suppose our subconscious brain is a computer Then Self-Concept will be your Master Program. that works like a brain operating system, Our feelings of Action and also our Achievement depend on the Self-concept. The self-concept that your subconscious brain has created only that great achievement that you can obtain in any part of your life.


If your self-concept is related to money, That can earn only 30 thousand per month, no more than that. Then, in reality you can also earn only 30 thousand per month, no more than that On the other hand, suppose that if you lose your job and you have the opportunity to join another job with low income Then your brain will present different ideas and will make you work hard to reach up to 30 thousand.

Another example of the same perspective,

No matter how good the speaker is since childhood, But if you think that on stage you will give a bad speech, Because of his concept of this very There are many chances that he will give a bad speech and will continue to give a bad speech until his self-concept changes. Because the Fact is, No matter how good and capable you are in any field, If your self-concept is low, you can not do anything right even if you are capable enough

Therefore, always remember habit No.1 and always try to keep the concept of yourself high.

Habit No.2 :- Self Discipline.

I had a negative perception regarding discipline. Maybe because of the energetic discipline of the school or maybe because I've seen it in Bollywood movies, Those who follow Discipline are usually bad and boring, And a great guy or a great protagonist never follow the discipline, But the true reality is that the coolest and most successful people in the world follow the discipline And it is the main reason for them to succeed,

I have no idea, how do you take self-discipline as, But the best definition for this has been given by Elbert Hubbard Which, Self-discipline is the ability to do yourself, what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.


Suppose you decide that from tomorrow you will get up early in the morning being, Doing this requires more Self-discipline than Motivation, Because through motivation you will get up immediately, Twice or maybe a week, But with self-discipline, you will follow it through a lifetime, So your self-esteem and confidence will also increase, Because self-discipline has a great impact on self-esteem,

After making a serious decision, the maximum action it will take, more confidence will increase
and the more successful you can become,

This is the habit that helps rich people finish their work on time and move forward in their lives.
So habit no.2 with the use of the repetition of self-discipline in yourselves.

Habit No.3 :- Feed The Mind With Mental Protein.

Just like our body, even our brain requires a proper diet, for its best performance. Here diet does not mean anything related to food, Here it means a mental thing that our brain consumes on a daily basis, such as knowledge of information.

If you want your brain to work to make you happy and successful and to move forward in life. not making you sad, lazy and unsuccessful, So you always need to give your brain positive information and knowledge, Do not give your brain negative information, which is given by the media today,

You should know that sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborgini and many other luxury cars were never announced on television, Why? because they knew that people who are capable enough to take that car, You will not waste your time watching television, Which means that they do not fill your brain with an unhealthy diet, such as the negativity that is shown in the media and on television. Because they knew that this would not help them in the long term, but they would consume their time and bring negativity to them, Hence the most common habit that every successful person follows and even you have to follow it, Always give your brain a healthy and positive diet, such as positive information and knowledge.

Now that you are reading this article, you want to say that you want to improve your life and want to do better. which is something very positive, generally people open YouTube to watch entertainment things, Which is not so bad, But all these things are like junk food, To see it sometimes is correct, but if we consume it daily or at the maximum time, will make our brain negative and unhealthy, which will reduce our chances of succeeding.

Habit No.4 :- Daily Goal setting.

To achieve any goal, managing our time properly is the most important point, The author says that if our life is a solar system, So time management is a sun, And everything is a planet that revolves around the sun, Therefore, if we learn to manage our time properly, it is easier for us to achieve our goals,

How should we make an adequate time management, I have made a detailed article related to this topic,

If you have not read it, be sure, For now, what you can do is, before going to sleep, decide and make a list, in which to leave all the work you need to finish tomorrow and safely write that task that will help you get closer to your goal. This habit will surely take you forward in life.

Habit No.5 :- Health Orientation

There is a difference between successful people and those who did not, which I have noticed many times Successful people always take care of their health, doing yoga exercises and doing a proper diet. Whereas unsuccessful people never take care of their health, while they work and do an arduous job, they forget their health, What happens, after a few years your health starts to deteriorate, eventually you get sick,

You must have noticed, now one day people are seen more in the place of doctors in hospitals, That's why they waste their time and money, so they work so hard and destroy your precious health, again, money and time they used to recover their health, Even I used to think that diet and exercise were a waste and the tantrums of rich people and show off, But then I realized that all these things are very important in our life, No matter how rich and successful we become, if our health is not adequate, we will not feel good and happy. Even if we stay in the most beautiful bungalow in the world or assemble any luxury car

Successful people know how important health is, Therefore, they always take care of their health, They know that if they are going to be healthy, then they will only feel happy and energetic And you can give your percentage of concentration at work, What will give them the best results and help them move forward in life.

So, personally, I ask all of you, in this new year, to start looking after your health, Exercise to stay physically fit and strong, and practice yoga to stay mentally active and at peace, These things will help you give your percentage and help you succeed

I have shared this knowledge with you all from Million Dollar Habits by Brain Tracy, In this book, the author has explained many useful habits that will help you succeed

So, if you want to understand everything in detail, you can buy this book by going under the link 

Share The article with your friends and family, I will share more useful and positive knowledge with you, usually every week.And finally, thanks for reading ...

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