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Socrates was one of the most intelligent philosophers of Ancient Greece. He is still Highly Praised. One day a man came to him and said, Do you know what I came know about Your Friend Today. Socrate Immediately Stopped him and said. Before you say anything about my friend, I would like to do a Filter Test with you. Amongst it, The First Filter is about the TRUTH. What you are going to tell me about my friend, Are You Sure that its 100 Percent True. Then a Man Replied, NO I Heard IT FROM SOMEWHERE (OR Someone). For this Socrates said ok I understood. Let's do The Second Filter test and it's about The GOODNESS. What you are going to say, Is It Something Good about my friend: Again Man Replied NO!! WELL, ACTUALLY it's NOT GOOD IT KINDA NEGATIVE. So For this Socrates Replied Okay So you are saying something bad about my friend to which you are not even sure whether it is True or Not. ok, not an issue still the Third Filter is left, Hopefully, you clear that one. And the Third Filter is About THE USEFULNESS. Whatever You are Going to say about my friend is it really useful and beneficial for me. Man Replied NO WELL it's NOT BENEFICIAL OR USEFUL. Then Socrates Replied So here The conclusion is, that the thing which you going to say about my friend. Is Neither True Nor GOOD And Not Even Useful For me, AND THEN IT MEANS IT IS NOT WORTH TELLING. So You May leave now.

The thing which we learn And understand fro this story is very beneficial for us. And we all must Follow it for the benefit of ourselves as well as for others. A few days ago I got to know, about the news Related to snap chat, where Snap Chat CEO Said India and Spain a Poor Country. And For Its Reply We Indians Boycott Snap chat By uninstalling Its App From The Play Store and Also Rated it Wit 1 star. As an Indian, my First Reaction Towards it was a smile with a Thinking THAT IF HE MESSES WITH INDIA, FOR SURE HAD TO FACE SUCH CONSEQUENCES. And some of my Readers Recommended me, that sir You should tell Your View to Boycott snap chat. You can do this much at least. I said Yes Why Not sure, I will and it's a Great idea.
                                                                                                              But Hence I knew the Socrates Story and also Remember Things which I have Explained in one of my recent articles. That the Decision which we take under the Influence of our Emotions By using system 1 Usually Gets Wrong. About which I have Explained in Detail, In My Fast And Slow Article. Hence I Thought It Will Be Better If I confirm that Information Again, I was pretty sure and confident. That is so many people are saying then it must be the fact, But still I Crossed Check. Then I started searching the video or the statement about the snap chat CEO'S Statement. But After Reading the First Article Properly I came to know, That Snap chat CEO Didn't say anything about INDIA OR SPAIN. Actually, it was one of the EX EMPLOYEE Of Snap Chat, who left the job in 2015, Due to his anger against Snap chat for some reasons, He said that statement. By taking the name of Snap Chat CEO, THAT HE SAID IT.

After knowing this fact I was kinda shock and confused. Because I had No Proof To share with my Readers Regarding the Snap chat CEO'S Statement. Then I did more Research so that from somewhere I can get the Proof or a statement, But I Couldn't Get Any. But what I found was, Where CEO OF SNAPCHAT SAID, I HAVEN'T SAID A WORD LIKE THIS FOR INDIA, IN FACT, I HAVE 4 MILLION DAILY USERS OF SNAP CHAT IN INDIA. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME AND I VALUE THEM A LOT.
                                                                  After knowing all these facts, I stopped, Because if its true even for 1 percent that in real SNAP CHAT CEO DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING. so spreading wrong information to you all would not be right.However, media didn't think all of this for their Benefit.

Now Suppose If CEO really had insulted India or if anyone criticizes or insult us or others regarding our work or any reason. So in Order to deal with such Criticism, we must Understand this Three Rules From the One of my favorite Book HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING. BY DALE CARNAGE. I have already made an article on this book, click here to Read It. Today from the same book, I will share another part of it. which helps us to understand how we can handle and deal with insult and criticism. For a happy life and to become successful, so let's begin...

Rule No.1) No one kicks a Dead Do.

Robert Hutchin was a very hard working man, who, on the strength of his hard work, made possible. and at the age of 30 became the President of the 4th Richest American University named YALE. He was younger compared to his colleagues and Other Professors. So very Obviously people who were elder to him age-wise, Were not happy with the Decision. They did a lot of Backbiting and started Criticising Robert. Everyone started Getting jealous of him. And even Newspaper writers agencies started writing bad stuff about Robert, just Because at a young age he achieved so much.

The Day His inauguration Happened, One of the friends of Robert's Father said to him. Media have written so many bad things stuff about your son. For this Robert's Father Replied, I Know, But Do remember One thing, NO ONE KICKS A DEAD DOG. No one in this world talks bad about someone who is not doing any extra Ordinary thing, And will not talk about that person who is living just a boring life like others. And whoever is doing something good and huge big things in their life, Others will for sure talk about them, do backbiting or even criticise them for their doings. This has become Human nature. By doing this they will get at least some importance or attention, which they usually don't get.

So Here Author says Criticism is actually a Hidden Compliment, which shows that you are important. You are so important that someone has taken out a time for you, in order to talk about you. So instead of feeling bad about it, feel good that at least you are doing something which is worthy of giving Attention. Otherwise, most common people do not get any attention not even asked for anything.

Rule No.2) Keep you Umbrella open for the rain of criticism.

You must be aware of the story, where a man is going somewhere along with his wife and a donkey. Only then, people around them started talking and started laughing at them and say see, how stupid they are. Even after having Donkey with them, Rather than sitting and riding on it, they are walking like a fool. Listening to them, that man asked her wife to sit on it, and then again started walking. At a distance, Again few people look at them and started laughing and started passing comments, see. This woman, so cruel sitting like a queen and making her poor husband walk, how shameless she is Listening to this, women get down from that donkey and ask her husband to sit on it, and moves on. Again at a distance, few people look at them and started laughing and says look at this man, so cruel and shameless, making poor women walk and sitting like a king and doing rest. After listening to all of them they both get stressed and finally decides that both will sit on it and travel. and after taking the final option they move on, But again few people look at them laugh and says, See How cruel they are. Both of them are sitting on a poor Donkey, how bad they are, shameless people.
                                                                                                                                      From this Story, There are things which need to be learned and understood. Like do remember whatever you do, if people want to criticise, they will criticise for sure no matter what. So you shouldn't get worried about what they say, what they talk about you ...just ignore. Because most of the time, the there talk will be, to put you down or to criticise you or your work.not for your benefit.

Many successful people understand it quickly and in lesser time. That backbiting criticism is normal, instead of wasting your time to clarifying it, better just concentrate on your work and for your betterment. and move ahead in life, this is the best option.

Do what you think is good, and do not allow others to dull your sparkle. And for not so useful opinions cover yourself with an IGNORE Umbrella. By which you will remain safe and that bad talk's, criticism kept on flowing without touching you or harming you.

Rule No.3) Welcome Criticism since No one is Perfect.

As I have said most of the criticism is useless and the best thing is to ignore them. But some criticism is for real, which we must accept and try to work on it or to improve it.


Suppose there is a man, who is fat and eats a lot. Hence People call him fat and criticise his Eating Habit. But He Ignores them by saying That I am not Fat, I am just little healthy. And Do not Get Jealous of my Eating. So not accepting that Genuine Criticism is not the sign Of INTELLIGENCE. because till the time he doesn't accept that he is fat, he will not think of losing weight and chances of him being healthy will be zero. but if he accepts That yes I am fat, so he will try to lose his wight and chances of him being healthy will increase.

SO Hence if someone is criticising you constructively for your Betterment, DO LISTEN TO THEM. Take that insult as your stepping stone and try to improve yourself instead of getting angry. Do ignore the useless criticism but learn from the criticism which is for your betterment. Because that will be the opportunity for you to improve yourself.

Many companies want your feedback, they want you to tell them their flaws and cons so that they can improve accordingly, which will benefit them for sure. So even you try to know your flaws and cons and improve it and these things will help you for sure to become successful.

Now As an INDIAN I Understand That we are One of the most Fastest Growing Economy In the World, BUT EVEN THIS IS TRUE THAT WE ARE NOT RICH. As per the 2014 Data, More than 180 Million people are Below the Poverty Line. Means 18 Crore People Not even Earn 120 Rupees a day, in order to run their home. Our Country comes at the 2nd Position, as per the gap between the rich and the poor. Only 1 percent INDIAN Is Owning 60 Percent Money. All these things are the very important issues. In order to make things right, At First, we must Accept That Yes We have such issues in INDIA. Unless we do not Accept this Situation, The chances of its solution and chances of Finishing this issue will be zero. Hence, firstly Accept the fact, and Now make yourself Rich.and doing hard work and persistence. If you become Rich then only your country will become Rich, and this is how we as well as our country will be benefitted.

One more thing I would Request you all, Next Time or whenever you get any news, At first Do Apply Filter test. And Do confirm, that you are sharing it by using your system 2, not by using system 1.

If you are not understanding this system 1 and system 2 concept,  then do read my Article "can you answer" fast and slow by reading it you will understand in detail:- how our brain actually works by using system 1 and 2, which will be very useful knowledge for you.

And I have shared this knowledge from the book How to stop worrying and start living by dale carnegie. which is really an amazing book. I had already made a summary of this book before, which you can read from here and you can buy this book click this green color link.

and finally Thanks for reading....:.

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