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HOW TO STAY MOTIVATE YOURSELF: Book Summary By Steve Chandler

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At least for the ones that happened to you, when you've seen some motivational video or movie, after seeing it, you must have felt very motivated and you have made a decision that from now on I will do a lot of hard work and I will achieve a lot in my life as soon as possible but as the next day comes, all your motivation must have gone somewhere and again you have come to your old lazy lifestyle This is one of the biggest problems that many people face.

Therefore, today I will share 7 principles with you that will help you for your self-motivation After understanding this principle with luck you will learn to motivate yourself that will be beneficial for you a lifetime, so let's start ...

No.1) Limited Offer

In any game, Cricket ... Football ..Tennis, Etc. a specific time limit has been provided to all players and asked them to play and score in that limited time, and after a particular time, the game will be over, so that the player tries to give his best performance in that given time so they can score well and can win that match. suppose, if you have not given a time limit and were asked to play as much as you can, and they were not informed about overs and about the time limit So, what do you think the players will play with the same energy, enthusiasm, power and intensity? No, obviously, no,
                                                                                                                                       Because if they feel they have a lot of time and can play when they want For this reason, your motivation and focus will begin to decrease.

Same thing happens with us, most people live their life as if it will never going to end they feel they have lot of time, and they can do work later, and keep on delaying their important works. But reality is,  we have limited time, and we have forgotten that and we are wasting our time listening to this many of you'll will not feel good but do understand the reality and accept it i am telling you all this, not to make you feel bad but to make you accept the reality and to make you understand that you have to achieve your dream and goal in this limited time otherwise one day you will realise that you don't have time and you can't do anything to fulfil your dream.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an author of 4 times Newyork best seller book also a speaker and a big businessman, one day when he was going somewhere in his car, suddenly a women came and ask him to say her three words which can motivate her, so gary told her "YOU WILL DIE", Listening to this that women got shock but after explaining why gary said this, she understood meaning for that was that we need to accept that we have a very limited time and whatever goals we want to achieve in this life with full motivation, we have to start taking action for it from now onwards without wasting a single second.

No.2) Eyes on the Prize

If I keep a long, thick stick of wood on the ground and ask you to walk on that stick you will easily walk on that stick and cross it But if I keep the same wooden stick between two buildings on the floor, and then ask him to cross that stick, then doing this would become reality for you You'll be afraid to do that and there's a good chance that you'll even fall off that wooden stick Why? Because the focus is everything when that wooden stick was on the ground at that time your focus was on that particular stick and when crossing that stick, but when that same wooden stick with the same physics remained Between two buildings, your focus changes from that stick to the fear of falling and this change of focus becomes the real reason for your fall.

Likewise, the reason for your lack of motivation is, instead of keeping your focus on an achievement and the success you'll get from doing hard work you change it to problems, worries, failures and negative things that eventually diminishes our motivation and make us fall before crossing or completing our objectives therefore, try to keep your focus on particular rewards and successes that you will get by doing hard work and avoid focusing on failure and negative things.

No.3) Stay Hungry

In 1976, when Arnold tried Hollywood leaving his bodybuilding career, at that time the author had the opportunity to take his interview at that time Arnold was not very famous and as soon as people know him Even the author was not very interested in taking the Arnold interview however, it was his job, so he took Arnold's interview. In an interview, the author asks a question How is your future plan after leaving the bodybuilding race? What do you want to do next? for this Arnold replied with great calmness and patience while you take your food, I will now become a big star in Hollywood
Listening to this author made me laugh, because at that moment There was no star or actor that had such a big friend and at that time there was a thin body actor trend, in fact, people did not like bodybuilders and the directors were not interested in taking such bodybuilders in their movie.

Then the author hiding his smile asked him again Ok, how will you do that? How will you make your dream possible as an actor? Again, Arnold responded very calmly, in the same way that I fulfilled mydream of bodybuilding :) When making a vision and thinking about it what you want to achieve is to act accordingly and believe that I have already achieved my goals and now I'm living the life of my dreams, The author did not understand his point, but still, he wrote it down and went from there After a few years, where the author saw the news on television, he was in shock that the second terminator of the Arnold movie has become a huge success and has become a popular star in Hollywood and even other actors were inspired by him and started working on his body The bodybuilding trend still exists. All this is possible only by Arnold's simple plan. and the plan was staying hungry,


You must have gone through this when you were very hungry so hungry that you can not even think of anything other than food. Well, if this has happened to you, then it's really good, because this same can apply to your goals and dreams it means staying hungry until you reach your goal be so hungry that you can not think of anything else other than your goals continue to visualize your goals as much as Arnold because this will motivate you and also help you achieve your goals.

No.4) Fake it

In the Previous Point, what the Author did not understand about Arnold's plan, this point is clear that You must know many psychological principles that say that How to lie to yourself can be beneficial most of the time.


If you feel sad, at that moment if you say to yourself, no, I'm not sad, I feel good, I feel happy and try to smile hard, Due to this false smile, your brain will receive a false signal that yes you feel happy and in truth you will begin to feel good compared to before ...
                                                                                             Similarly, if you try to make yourself believe that you can, you can do it I am very motivated and I have that courage and strength and I can and I will achieve my goals ... etc. or if you pretend like Arnold and you make yourself believe that you are living the life of your dreams This will keep you motivated and, in reality, help you fulfill your dreams.

Many people say that it is not false or that it is not false, but the real fact is that if you can get a great positive result being false, then try to pretend until and unless you turn your false belief into reality There is also an English language (saying), pretend until you do.

No.5) Sweat in times of peace

There's a saying in Navy Seals, Sweat more in Normal or in Time of Peace; otherwise, you will have more blood at the time of the battle. And what is the connection of this saying with the motivation that you will know very soon?

Steve and Rett had learned this saying when they were children, when they used to practice baseball league, The opposing team they used to practice with was bigger than them and they used to throw the ball very fast the launch was so fast that Steve and Rett simply can not see the ball and can not play it and used to lose quickly because their motivation related to the championship began to decrease to deal with this situation, what they did, they went to their house and they took their father's golf ball the golf balls are very small compared to baseballs and they started practicing with a golf ball Standing very close to each other. Due to this, what happened level of difficulty increased however, the golf ball was small, looking for it was quite difficult and the ball used to come fast because they used to throw it from up close and it was also swinging Due to the regular practice of what happened, when the competition began playing with baseball becomes really easy for them, Steve and rett used to find it really easy They used to play very well and that's why they scored many homers and made their team win.

Here this story says that if we prepare for the difficult situation first then handling the normal situation will be really easy for us and we are also motivated because the reason for the lack of motivation is the fear that is inside us if we lose or something, that does not allow us to move forward in life and keep us motivated.

Another example is the movie Dangal where Aamir Khan makes his daughters fight with the children at the time of the practice because in real competition those girls find it easy to fight with other girls and they used to win easily.

Even Muhammad Ali used to practice with an opponent who is much stronger than the opponent who is go fight inside the royal ring so he used to find it easy to have a real fight with that less powerful opponent Therefore, even you practice difficult things and situations first This will make you strong and will also keep you motivated.

No.6) Know The Buttons

You must have seen the cabin of the plane where the pilot sits and drives the plane, in that cabin there are different buttons What works in a different way Now imagine if those pilots do not know about those buttons they do not know which button works and what it works for You tell me it will be good news for you? Can they fly that plane correctly?

In the same way, even we are the pilot of our life where we have different types of buttons or we can say triggers, which impact us in different ways and keep us motivated and it is important that we know.

For example,

There may be some songs that can act as triggers that can make us feel excited and there may be some songs that can make us feel sad There may be some kind of videos that make us feel motivated and inspired to take action and some make us feel bad Some friends motivate us in our lives and encourage us to keep going and there may be some friends that de-motivate us In the same way, several other things make you feel different emotions in your life as trigger or buttons.
                                                                                                                                        So, what you have to do is find the buttons and triggers as much as possible in short, you must be aware of yourself in a pleasant and complete way as what motivates you and what makes you feel bad or unmotivated. and after knowing those buttons, use them in your life and always stay motivated

No.6) Write It Down

Author Steve has attended a seminar, after the seminar ends a person approached him with a question, and said I start doing a lot of work but I can not finish that task So, what is the solution for this? what should I do What statement should I use to complete those tasks? so the author replied that his problem would not be solved with an affirmation instead, you must make your belief system strong it means that the author says that your belief system has become very weak. due to which, it has become really difficult for you to complete or complete any task.

So the solution for this is really very simple, At the beginning, give yourself small and simple tasks that you can complete very easily and then select any task among those simple tasks and finish it and when the task is completed, write it down in your notebook Mark that task that indicates that you have completed it.

Similarly, repeat the process for all the work that you have given yourself because of this, what will happen, that your belief system will start to be strong and this will make you realize that if you are able to finish anything or work and what this system believes becomes strong You can complete any task that is not large or small.

So, if you face the similar problem of not completing any work Then you can use this technique and make your belief system strong.

Now, to finish this knowledge, I've shared 10 ways to motivate you, book by Steve Chandler, If You Buy This Book Then Click This Green Colour Link

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