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GETTING THINGS DONE: Book Summary By David Allen (How We Can Increase Our Productivity)

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It has happened to me many times and I'm sure it should happen to you too When you are asked to go to the market or to any store to carry household items Then, with all his energy and enthusiasm, he goes out to buy all the products and products that your family asked you to bring and after buying all the goods that go back home, And you feel happy to complete your homework, But suddenly you realize that you have forgotten to take a thing The family asked you to go back and buy something and you feel irritated by that.

Now if this forgetting something has happened to you many times Then, like me, to avoid that problem, you can prepare a list of all the things you are asked to buy. so you do not forget, right Well, if I had prepared a list for this reason or for any other reason, So, it's a clear indication that you accept, our brain is not able to remember many things together and because of many things together, our brain does not work well, which is true to a certain extent.


On a computer if all programs are open one after the other and if everyone works and works together using memory Then this will slow down the performance of a computer and if other programs start to open too Without closing the previous one, this thing can also hang or hang up the computer. In the same way, when different works and ideas come in our brain, exactly like those programs, which we can not close due to some reasons That idea and work is stored in our brain and we think we forget things, but that's not true, Our subconscious brain is very surprising that it stores things for years And when the time comes, suddenly remind us which is good to some extent, but what is not good is So many things are stored in our brain without being processed, so our stress level increases and our performance becomes slow which means that we become lazy and not productive this becomes a big problem for us, and it does not allow us to succeed.

Author David Ellen, who is training many people in the big industry for more than 30 years To increase your productivity so they can complete their work in a pleasant and easy way, In this book, He is explaining to us, That we should not make our brain be like that computer that can crash at any time instead, we must make our brain like a silent and peaceful water that can handle any situation without changing itself.


If you go through a small rock in the pond, so that some water will jump, Some waves will form and again the water will be normal as before, silent peaceful and if you go through big stones towards the pond, depending on the size, more water will come out, large waves will form and again the water will be the same as before, unchanged The output of the meaning will be as much as the input, more input, more output, less input less output than Normal.

Now this incredible quality of water, we must also learn for our brain, I mean, we usually get a lot of ideas and work in a day Some small, large, and pay attention so that it works more than it requires and wastes our precious time, While we should be like water we must leave the work according to your need and need and to learn this water technique.

The author has created a 5-step system known as GTD, doing things Today I will explain those GTD Steps to all of you, So that when you use it you can finish your work well without stress, so let's start ...

The 5 steps are:

1) Capture
2) Process or clarification
3) organize
4) Review
5) Participate

Now let's understand these steps in detail Let's start...

No.1) Capture

The first thing you should do is, whatever the idea, work or whatever comes to mind Write it down Immediately, Transfer that idea or work to an external memory, so your brain does not stress External memory can be anything A book, diary, folder on your phone or any list on your computer or in any computer program any place of trust where you can write your idea and you can protect it and you can look for it when necessary, You can call this external memory your inbox or basket.

But you need to write all the ideas and work every time it comes in your way or in your mind either small or large, it does not matter, just write it The reason for forming any external memory is to make your brain free of stress So that we can live in the moment and we can give our best performance It can work without distractions because our productivity will increase Even your ideas that come to mind, write them in an inbox or basket Do not think about the idea of ​​whether it is good or bad because doing so will eliminate bad ideas from your brain and form a place to bring new ideas to your brain.

No.2) Process (clarify)

Now most people prepare a list, even if they put all their work into it But the problem is that they do not take more steps, So they do not become productive and they do not get results either to get a result, the most important thing is We must clarify all the things written in the list, Because unless those things are not clarified, they will remain in our mind and the preparedness list will not work.

Therefore, to follow this step correctly, we must work according to the flow diagram that the author has explained to us Very first we will take a job from that list and we will analyze what exactly it is and what result we want from it Then we will think if that work is processable, it means that I must take measures to finish this work. And if not, it will go to the option between three, 1st or go to the Trash, 2nd Go to someday maybe the list or will go to the Reference On these three options I will explain in the next step, so do not worry and if that work is processable Then see if you can finish that job in minutes or not If you can finish it in 2 minutes, Then finish it immediately, but if you do not complete it in 2 minutes and if it will take more time, then we can do two things with him either delegated or deferred On what I will explain in the next point, After doing these things, you will be very clear about your work.

No.3) Organize

After clarifying everything, what you will do now is to organize each job correctly and put each work in a different list, After using the same Flowchart, Example; The first idea or work that is not processable, we will organize it in three ways as I said before First, if it is not actionable or important, it will put that job in the Trash Which means that we will erase that work from our mind because remembering it will be a waste of time Second, if you want to do that, but you do not have time to do it immediately then you will put that work in some day maybe the list and third is any idea or information that may be required for you in the future you will put it in the Reference folder.


If I receive any information related to the article, which I can use in the future, I keep it in the reference folder All these were non-processable jobs.

Now the things you can do taking actions, you can organize them in ways So, first is the list of projects, in the list of projects all those works will come so you should take or more steps to finalize Example; To create this article, all those jobs will be included in the project list because in doing so I have to take different steps to finish it How to read a book, listen, make a script summarizing it, then write, etc. Therefore, it is a work of so many steps so I will put it in the list of projects Hence, any work that requires steps of more than two steps include it in the list of projects.

Now second, there are some jobs that you can delegate that is, ask others to do it for you, So put him on the waiting list And third, there is a job that is time specific, as if I had to finish it in a specific day or time as on Monday around a specific time so put that work on calendar, and fourth, there is a type of work that you must finish as soon as possible Put that work in the following list of actions, In this list, the actions of the list of projects will also be added, which will help you to advance in the work of your project. By doing this, you can organize all your list work.

No.4) Review, (This is also a very Important Step)

Because what happens is that people make a list and also organize it But after a while they are forgotten, therefore, it is very important for us forever check and verify this system You can review it according to your convenience You can review it in a week or some in a day, or some in a month But the author says that we should check and revise this system at least some in a week otherwise, our system can be easily disturbed and we will return to our old ways, which is not good.

No.5) Participate

The last and most important step Engage, Engage really means doing and finishing work Implementation of media, The starting points will relax your brain and help you to work without confusion after which you are the one who needs to complete each job with Productivity At first try to complete the work that is written in the Calendar folder and then go to the next action job.

These were the steps to complete any work What should you follow Unconsciously we do some of the things between them But the author wants us to do it on a mandatory basis, and make it our obligatory habit and follow it on extreme bases that can be really useful for us.

Now a question for all of you, apart from this article, What book summary do you want me to do for my next article? Here is the option $100 OF START OR GREAT You can give your suggestion by commenting on it.

Share this article as much as possible through WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., to generate curiosity among people with regard to reading books Because, in my opinion, this can have a great positive impact in this world, therefore, I do share.

Now to finish, I have shared this knowledge From the book GETTING THINGS DONE by David Ellen This book helps us understand how we can increase our productivity, Now if you want to buy this book, click on this green link.

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