Cheat Codes Of Need For Speed - Carbon

Result code
canyonalltheway - All tracks
Shinycarsarethebestcars - Chrome Cars
5grand5grand - Castrol Cash
Friendlyheadlocksapplied - unlimited crew fees
Nosforeverever - Unlimited United States
Slowitdownwhenywant - Unlimited SpeedBreaker
Givemethechargersrt8 - 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8
Givemethedb9 - 2005 Aston Martin DB9
Chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk - Mazda Dealer
Speed3foryou - Mazda Speed3
Beware of the big truck here - dump truck in fast racing mode
Bigredfiredrive - Fire truck in fast racing mode
Trashtalking - Rhino in fast career mode
Guesswhoisback - Cross Corvette Z06 in fast racing mode
Chasingmobile - Corvette Z06 Interceptor in fast racing mode
Cooperlogofreeforyou - Cooper Tire Logo
Pharrellvinylgogo - Vinyl of Pharrell
Lotsoffreevinyls - NFS: special carbon vinyl
Lotsoffreelogos - NFS: carbon vinyls
Syntecskin - Vinyl Castrol Syntec
Inthezoneskin - Vinyl Autozone

Crew members:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the crew member.

Neville (Blocker): Available at the beginning.
Sal (Scout): Join after four to six races.
Yumi (Scout): Joins after defeating Kenji / Bushido.
Colin (Drafter): Joins after defeating Wolf / TFK.
Samson (Blocker): Joins after defeating Angie / 21st Street.
Nikki (Drafter): Joins after defeating the three novice bosses.

The extra money:
Have a saved game file of Need for Speed: Most Wanted on your hard drive for a
$ 10,000 bonus when you start career mode.

Easy wins:
In races where crew members are used, use a scout (Yumi if possible). If you do
Do not win the race, your scout will do it.

Police codes:
During police chases, cops use a term such as "10-79" or "Code 6 Driver".
Here are the meanings of these terms.

Code 3 - In pursuit of the driver at high speed.
Code 6 - High speed driver who refuses to stop for the police.
10-33 - Need more backup devices.
10-39 - The police will try to run your car.
10-59 - The police will try to pin you against a wall.
10-73 - This is a roadblock.
10-75 - Police will shoot in front of your car and snap breaks
(very emotional with Corvettes).

* Setting up a quadrant: the police will settle in a certain direction
to find you
* Take a PC: When you have "killed" a patrol car.

Keven Leven's car (Ben 10 Alien Swarm):
Make the following changes to the Dodge Challenger concept.

- = Aftermarket = -
Body: Stock or Body 4
Everything else: Stock

- = Autosculpt = -
Hood: Charged
Hood Zone 1: 100%
Hood Zone 2: 10%
Hood Zone 3-10: As it is

- = Visuals = -
Painting: Bright green
Vinyl: 18 shape (move to the center of the car, stretch from the car gate beyond the
rear bumper, may have to turn in the center of the band).

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