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Book Summary Of How To Become SMARTER FASTER & BETTER By Charles Duhigg

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When Charles Duhigg was completing his book The Power of Habit since then he has an interest in the science of productivity issue after many things happened in his life, because his book was a great success and he started many professional opportunities and due to all these things began to take on various responsibilities, he could not handle everything correctly, his time was running very fast and his workload was expanding, in short, his productivity level was decreasing, he was finding it difficult to do any work, he was not having time for himself. , I did not have time to enjoy his life and his success.

Therefore, to find a solution was to meet Mr. Atul Gawade. Atul Gawade is a surgeon and also a writer for the New York Staff. He is one of the best selling authors. He is also a professor at Harvard. In addition, he was an advisor to the global health organization. He was a very busy doctor. he was very productive with his work, he was so amazing with his time management that even after handling so many different positions / publications he gave his family equal time, he used to go to rock concerts with his children and he used to go to mini vacations with his wife, he was enjoying his life and his success.

After knowing and understanding all this, Duhigg was convinced that some people have productivity skills that make them more productive compared to others, so, when beginning to investigate, he interviewed several highly productive people including several airline pilots. , military generals and cognitive scientists, learned a lot from them, while learned came to know key areas with the help of which improved and increased their level of productivity, and anyone can increase their productivity by focusing on these productive areas and can become an smarter, faster and better person.

Now today I am going to share some key areas of those productive points

Let's start,

No.1) Motivation Power Of Choice

Studies have been done in a few people, where they were asked to play a simple game on the desk in that game, random numbers will appear on the desktop between and those people just need to guess before those numbers appear, whether that number is up or below the digit, and if they guess correctly, then they will win if they do not then lose, and while playing this simple game, researchers were monitoring their brain activity with the help of a scanner. Through this, they came to know that whenever those players had an option in that game, each time they were asked to choose a number at that time, their only part of the brain known as striatum, which is responsible for the human motivation, used to activate, however, when that game began to play against them, it meant when that same game began to choose numbers for them, and instead of making a decision, the computer began to make decisions for them, so Therefore, they had no choice and were supposed to do so. see the result at that time his part of the striatum stopped working, he was not activating, it means that they were not motivated.

Through this research we learned that, basically, the motivation of humans depends to a large extent on human choices.

It means that if the human being does not have many options or options, or if the human being feels that he does not have much to do, his level of motivation will decrease, but if the person has many options or options on a daily basis, and if he is asked to Make many decisions daily, your level of motivation will increase.

Similar concept was found by French Neurologist, where he did an investigation on people, who were normal at the beginning, those people also include successful people. But suddenly their level of motivation of interest went down, they were normal for their brain but they had no interest in doing anything in life they used to spend hours doing nothing through research, they came to know that the reason for the lack of interest was that Those people who were part of the striated body of the brain that was responsible for the motivation were damaged by accident or by some problem in vivo.


There was a couple who were very happy for each other for more than 38 years and enjoyed their lives, but suddenly the man lost his interest in anything, he lost all his motivation. His wife was very worried and stressed at that time, to make the situation better she tried several things but nothing worked, finally what she did, in order to give back to her husband's motivation, she began to give her options and options every day , she increased the level of decision making in her life. Choices, for example, what dress will you wear, do you want to eat vegetables or not vegetables today, etc.? She began to give him several options of this type on a daily basis and with this her motivation gradually came along and, finally, everything was fine. again.

With this you can come to the conclusion that if you want another person to work for you or if you want to work in a more productive and appropriate way, then it is best to start giving yourself or another person options, of which or the other person can choose.


Instead of giving specific work to any child, give them an option, ask them if they will go to the market or if they would like to do the cleaning of the home, washing the work with you, with this the possibilities will increase and they will surely do a job for you. .

Every human being loves to know that things are under their control and by giving options or options to another person, you give that control to the opposite person who will give the other person the motivation to complete the work, you can see the use of this principle in politics, often happens, where a party gets the most votes for certain reasons and while the second party or the opposing party gets the minimum votes, politicians give the public options and ask them to choose, support a party and vote with these people feel that things are under their control, they are the ones who will make a decision about who will run the country, but generally this is so similar to the example of that child where he was given the option to go to the market or clean the room, no matter what he chooses, the final benefit will be safe for parents.

No.2) Team

You must have noticed, that most people when they stay with their family behave differently compared to their friends, when those same people stay with their friends they behave differently, together they become a different person with friends, they stay more open and take more risk

Well, there are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that we feel safer with our friends compared to parents, here the author does not talk about the threat of life, here the author is taking psychological security, which means that you can really express yourself in front of friends without thinking too much about the negative consequences or the result because our friends generally believe, think and viewpoints coincide with us, that's why we feel more open and comfortable with them, which It is not possible with the family for most people.

So you must think about the relationship between this and productivity if you want to do something big in this life, then at some point you will surely need a team to work, therefore, if you want to finish your work or work as a team with productivity, then must remember something that each team member in a particular team should feel or should have psychological security feeling that they can openly share their ideas, because when we feel that security only then we can give our best performance.

Therefore, make a team or work in a team where people do not judge negatively the ideas of others and always be supportive, this not only says the author, but even Google has searched in his project of Aristotle, in the What were you doing to investigate how they can make a perfect team? In this research Google found key factors, and among those key factors. psychological security was the biggest key factor.

No.3) Focus Mental Modelling

On June 1, the Air France flight was heading to Paris from Brazil as the trip began after a time the flight was hit by a major storm after which the autopilot was damaged and stopped, and the planes They bent on one side. increase the speed of the plane or decrease Your speedometer did not work properly, both pilots were totally confused and were worried that they should have slowed the plane and should have increased speed, but were so worried and confused that instead of putting the nose down, they were putting their nose up because the speed started to decrease and unfortunately that plane crashed into the Atlanta ocean. And because of this sad accident, all the passengers along with the pilots died.

Another much more terrible accident happened with a similar Airbus plane with the flight number of Qantas Airways, this plane went from Singapore to Sydney a few minutes after the start of the trip, the engine of that plane caught fire suddenly and exploded. Pilot immediately took control of the autopilot. On his screen many errors begin to appear, alarms started to sound and many problems arose on that plane, and managing them all became impossible. There was a hole in the wing of the plane, things got worse, new errors appeared continuously, even after a lot of disorder and chaos, the pilot who maintained control did not worry or hyperactive and with the help of his training experience, he returned quietly to Singapore and landed on that plane, made possible an almost impossible landing that saved the lives of people.

In both situations, the plane has faced malfunctioning, one plane has a malfunction and another had more, but what saved and killed lives was the way the pilots handled the situation. Flight pilots could not handle the situation because they were suffering from mental problems. error known as cognitive tunnel, this situation arises, when the brain of people suddenly change from the mode of relaxation to panic mode, in such situations people also do not understand the normal and make wrong decisions.

While Qantas Plane Pilot can handle the most problematic and difficult situation compared to pilot because the main pilot of the plane qantas used the concept that is known as mental modeling. The mental modeling to a certain extent is like a visualization where the human already visualizes the later result as what they will do, if things happen differently, they will do the same if something happens,


Many times, we play mental scenes in our mind, like going first and doing this, and then going somewhere else and doing that, etc., in this way we create mental movies or scenes in our mind before actually doing it, which is a somewhat small level of mental modeling. The main pilot of the Qantas plane used to do this always before flying that plane as if something unfortunate happened, what will be my step, what will I do, what steps will I take, etc. In this way, he prepared himself for the worst scenarios and this practice of buzzing saved many lives

Similarly, even you should use the mental modeling technique to increase your productivity with the help of visualization, play on your mind before doing it, in fact, this will help you to be smarter faster and a better person.

These were some of the most important points of an incredible book by Charles Duhigg. If you want to increase your productivity, read this book.

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