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Brain Tracy was poor in his childhood, And he had a fantasy to become a millionaire before he was 30 But he was not able to become a millionaire until he was in his thirties, In fact, he was struggling financially. At that moment he began to think, like what mistakes he is making, so he is not succeeding.

Therefore, he began to look for the reason that makes other millionaire people like what are the secrets that make a person millionaire, What are the things that make a poor man a millionaire? He began to seek the answer to all these questions.

He studied this subject for years, and came to know many things so (was) is the best time to become a millionaire Because today, due to the large number of opportunities, there are more millionaires than before. He got to know many secrets and answers for his questions after applying it even he can be successful.

He came to know that most millionaires have some specific qualities, habits and behaviors that helps them become millionaires that is missing in most normal people Even he did not have it, that's why he was not succeeding But the best part is that we can learn these millionaire qualities and we can develop them within us and can become a millionaire.

So today I'm going to share some qualities and habits of millionaire that the author got to know after a lot of research developing those qualities and habits within you even you can succeed so let's start...

No.1 Back from the future

About two or three years ago, when I used to open Google to search on another website at that time I did not think that I would even have my own website that would be liked and follow by lakhs of people and to which so many people will love and support, and trust me, this would not have been possible If I had the same thought I had from 2 to 3 years ago.

If I had not dreamed of creating a website, then it would not have been possible for me Thinking yes, I can even have my own website To fulfill any dream, the first step is not to make big decisions or make big plans or equipment But the first step is To DREAM.and have courage and strength to dream big dreams. Unfortunately very few are able to dream even if it is so easy.

You notice that most people do not even think about dreaming big If you talk to them about big dreams, they will avoid it or make fun of it. they also maintain the limits for dreams, which is why they never achieved anything great in your life, The author tells you to dream big, by doing this you can use the technique known as Return of the future. which is used by many successful people using this what you should do id, imagine yourself 5 years earlier in life Imagine that your life has become perfect in all aspects, imagine what your perfect life look like? What will you do in Your perfect life What work will you do? How much will be there in your bank account? What will your lifestyle be like? etc, imagine everything correctly and very well. With the use of this exercise, the more you imagine your perfect life related to wealth and happiness of health, the closer you and your dream will reach each other Therefore, keep this millionaire quality in you and start dreaming big.

No.2) Self-employed worker

When jadave molai was 16 years old, at that time Assam was hit by the tsunami after which Molai noticed, because of the barren land, The population of birds, reptiles and various animals was decreasing, this worried him, he felt broken, so he thought about his elders asking them what will happen if without trees we start to diminish like birds and animals. listening to molai, everyone started to laugh at him and advised him not to worry, But still, Molai was worried, so he told the forestry department that he did not pay attention and told him to plant trees instead. after which, without taking the help of anyone, the molai himself assumed the responsibility of changing the situation and started planting a young tree in that barren land I used to do it every day, every day and continued it until 3 decades means thirty years the result of such hard work is: Today that barren land it has become a forest of 1360 acres that is now known as Molai Forest which is now home to the Bengal tigers, rhinoceros more than deer, rabbits, elephants and varieties of species This is a power of responsibility of a man so stop blaming.

Most failures can not achieve anything important in your life because they always blame or think that someone else is responsible for their situation and conditions, Or the government, neighbors, relatives, etc. they get to blame someone And this attitude of guilt is the biggest enemy of your dreams. Because if someone thinks that everything that is happening in their life is due to someone else then because of this attitude, that person will never take any action because according to them there is nothing under their control, and therefore they can not do anything about it.

Whereas, on the other hand, a person who always takes responsibility for everything that is happening in his life start taking actions start looking for solutions and no matter how bad the situation that responsible person will always improve the situation by taking several actions which is the most powerful, trust me The attitude of taking responsibility has the ability and strength to change the world and become a millionaire in front of this is something very small, therefore, always take responsibility for your life and your actions.

No.3) Work harder and longer

If you really want to become a millionaire, the author asks you to follow 40 more Formula, This formula says, if you work around 40 hours a week, then you are doing your duty like many that only helps you live an average life But the hours that those 40 hours go by, those extra efforts and efforts will decide How much success will you become?


Normal people always want to work 5 days in a week and no more than 8 hours while on the other side if you see self-made millionaires, they work on average 59 hours a week some even worked for 70 to 80 hours without spending a vacation and this hard work paid them very well, made them millionaires and take them to a place where they can take vacations for a month and you can also go on a world tour without worries.

Remember that your success depends on those extra hours and your hard work the more you work hard, the more successful you will be Never be afraid to go extra miles compared to others because in those extra miles you will not get much traffic will not have much competition, therefore, never be afraid to do more hard work this will not only make you a respectable person but also increases your chances of becoming a millionaire

No.4) Dedicate yourself to Life Long Learning

Most people think that learning and education after school or college ends and then work life begins and they need to work to earn money But self-made millionaires understands that real learning begins after college life Therefore, they always value lifelong learning.

The author says that lifelong learning is the minimum requirement to become a self-made millionaire Learning is the most important thing in this rapidly changing and growing world. Before, when people used to have more land, they were counted as rich Then came the industrialization, the people who had more factories were counted as rick But today is the information age, and the people who have more information, knowledge has better possibilities and abilities to become rich (millionaire) Therefore, you must have seen mostly self-made millionaires continue to gain knowledge and information listen and read books or learn through mentors so that your knowledge always increases and you can take advantage of the right opportunity at the right time.

Hence, even the author suggests us to give at least half an hour or 1 hour to learn and gain knowledge what you can do through various means how to read or listen to books or listening to useful podcats learn through mentors or watching useful videos, etc. and if you find it difficult to eliminate time, then you can take information through the audio format, which can do doing many other works, for example, an average person loses most of their time in travel and in traffic, instead of wasting time in that traffic, you can get knowledge through the audio format this will take it forward compared to normal people and Put yourself in the category of millionaire.

No.5) Power Of Honesty

Suppose you have two friends one that always lies for every little thing and not reliable at all while your other friend who never lies no matter how big the thing Now suppose the situation arises
When you have to choose a business partner between your two friends So, who will you choose? or with whom will it be wise to work? well apart from business, only in general, to whom you can trust more. Obviously, the one who never lies, in fact, someone is not even your friend and belongs to another caste of religion or anything if you know that the other person is the reliable and loyal person You will be sure comfortable and happy working with that person.

Similarly for all humans and to create a successful business Trust is the most important and most important factor, because people like to do business or want to help people who are reliable and genuine and also buy products or services from people or companies as reliable and genuine.

The author says that any personal success depends on the number of people who trust you, the more people trust you, the more opportunities you will have to be successful and the best way to earn that trust is always to be sincere and genuine maintaining its integrity and avoiding not lying no matter what the situation this will help you in the long term and people will respect you And this also gives you many opportunities to become a millionaire.

You can do an experiment that would be like this, suppose that if this world looks at you all the time, and the way you behave and do things in the same way that they do inspiring you, So, how will you behave? with luck, you will behave like a perfect genuine person In the same way you should and should behave now as well. because this quality will surely help you become a millionaire.

No.6) Speed ​​And Reliability

Amazon has calculated, the load of your pages becomes slow just for a second they have to face 1.6 billion losses each year, After Google Research they came to know if their search for speed decreases only by a quarter of a second then its 8 million searches per day decrease These examples show how quickly the world in which we live awaits.

It is said that the real and new money of the 21st century is time and millionaire billionaires understand it very well. therefore, they always value that there is as well as others time however, normal people do not understand the value of time Millionaires always try to increase the speed of their work so they can get more performance in the shortest time, whereas normal people waste their time while working and this is the main reason why they do not advance in life.

If someone can finish the job from 1 hour to 30 minutes, everyone will go to that person for their work compare with that 1 hour work person, it does not matter if the 1 hour person is your friend too therefore, always try to become a millionaire, who always receives praise for his speed work
and people can depend on you for their work This quality can make you successful easily.

No.7) Go Out To The Right People

85 percent of happiness and success in life depends on your quality of relationship How to form with others in your personal and professional life that is, the more you know people personally and the more others know you positively, the more chances you will have to advance in life I'm not saying here that without relationships or acquaintances you can not grow in your life, but I'm saying
suppose you want to reach an agreement with a company and suppose that the owner or manager of the company is your friend Do not you think breaking that deal may be easier for you?

Relationships or networking can be very beneficial for you to grow in your life also in speed because at every turning point in life, you can have someone that can help you positively grow and advance in life and the more you have a connection, the more likely you are to get the right the person at the right time, who can help you grow.

Now, if you want to form a good connection and more with people who can help you in your future So for that, the most important thing is that you need to form a kind of go-giver mentality instead of an ambitious mentality.

That is, most people think and try to get more benefit from the other person but this kind of attitude is generally not liked by the opposite person and this does not allow you to form a good connection, so what you have to do is become a giver How to try to add more value to the lives of others, try to help them or give them gifts, try to do something good without thinking about getting anything in return and if you are able to do this, you will begin to form good connections that will surely help you in your future and become a millionaire can be easy for you.

These were the 7 secrets of 21 from the book 21 secrets of a self-made millionaire by Brain Tracy.

If you want to know all the secrets then you can buy this book By Click this green colour link ,Share this article to support this website and to make people curious to read books and his life improves and also our country develops, and finally thanks for reading ...

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